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MILLENIUM is one of the best prog-bands hailing from Poland. They take some influences from the likes of Genesis, Camel, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Pendragon, IQ, Arena, to name a few.
If you enjoy such style of music, then this original progressive flavored outfit from Krakow will knock your socks off. Very fine, complex musical arrangements complimented by story-telling lyrics and tight, long tracks with plenty room for elaborated solos on both guitar and keyboards. A tight back-up plus a decent singer... ;)

In 2010 Millenium have released their first ever live DVD like part of a box set alongside a double CD.

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Millenium have recently released a new compilation CD entitled ‘White Crow’. This retrospective covers period 2003-2010, features an overview of various promo and singles, assorted rarities. In addition, the set includes superb material from ‘7 Years’ and ‘Three Brothers’ Epilogue’. Several tracks have been remixed for this occasion as well. Last but not least. There’s fully unknown song ‘White Crow’…
1. White Crow (2010).
2. Monotony (2005).
3. Plastic World (2004).
4. Born To Hate (2005).
5. I’m Still Burning (2006).
6. 7 Years (2007).
7. I would Like To Say Something (2009).
8. Where’s My Way? (2004).
9. Sky (2003).
10. Epilogue (2008)
11. Silent Night (2009).
All in all, another good release by Millenium, with compositions ranging from interesting to excellent.

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The newest MILLENIUM album has a name and a face. It will be called ‘Puzzles’ and is scheduled to be released on September 5th, 2011. The full track-listing is as follows:

1.Eden? 2.05
2.The Tree of Knowledge 7.26
3.The first man on the earth 6.28
4.Apple & Snake 6.37
5.The sin 6.24
6.Broken rule 6.43
7.Everything about her 9.20

total time 45.10

1.Farewell 7.28
2.The prose of life 6.25
3.Ice dreams 5.23
4.Time is the great healer 6.44
5.Puzzled 6.10
6.We try again 9.03
7.Our little Eden 4.25

total time 45.35

Also, the origin of album’s title has been explained. The text comes from the liner notes, written by mastermind Ryszard Kramarski.

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This day I've got a packet with 'Puzzles'. Fantastic album indeed. :cool:After some careful litening I will give more detailed resume.;)

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I was indeed curious to hear the new Millenium album. After I gave ‘Puzzles’ several spins, I must conclude that - the improvement in the production department is spectacular. Polish guys deserve lots of credit for the courage of pushing their own boundaries and exploring new territories. The material sounds fresh, more varied, more dramatic, more progressive and more creative. Compositions of high quality simply can’t go wrong! As far as the songs are concerned, ‘Puzzles’ might well be one of the best Millenium albums! Definitely, their greatest release since ‘Reincarnations’ (2002). And I wouldn’t be very surprised if I’d eventually like it even better…:cool:

All in all, ‘Puzzles’ is an amazing album, which definitely be liked by many prog-rock fans.;)


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The material sounds fresh, more varied, more dramatic, more progressive and more creative

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Two years in the making, 'Ego' is now ready!
Some previous albums put Millenium into the top three currently active Polish progressive bands. And this new CD enhances their high position. The release is full blown affair with beautiful keyboard passages and textures, sweeping guitar work, crisp rhythm section, superb vocals, all mixed together with brilliant songwriting...


I feel, this is an album worth investigating for many fans with an interest in progressive music.:)
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The newest Millenium CD entitled ‘In the World of Fantasy?..and Other Rarities’ should be available in June, 16th. This compilation (with a running time of over 77 minutes) will feature demos, alternative versions plus some new and previously unreleased tracks including promo-material for the next studio album.

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