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After having been a member of Millenium for many years, lead singer Łukasz Gall has decided to leave the band. Unfortunately, he's unable to move into the next chapter with four regular colleagues.

Millenium is now seeking a new lead vocalist to join the band and become involved in the writing and recording of the future albums and concerts.

The name of the new frontman was announced: Marek Smelkowski (Liquid Shadows, Padre etc).

Marek Smelkowski.jpg
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Millenium have just released their newest album, fully instrumental CD 'Notes Without Words'.

Track-listing is as follows:

1.Talk to Aliens
2. Reincarnations
3. Eden
4.Lost Teddy Bear
5. Chaos
6. Puzzled
7. Mirage
8. It Could Have Happened to You
9. Burning
10.The Mirror of Memories
12. Broken Rule
13. The Big Dream of Mr Sunders
14. Notes Without Words (Epilogue).

Notes Without Words.jpg

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Some people will probably be wondered with this kind of information. The singer Marek Smelkowski has left Millenium due to personal reasons. It's a day for announcing that Lukasz Gall is back on the board. :)

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... with an intended release date for new CD somewhere in September 2020...

Now you can see a front-cover of the upcoming album.

Millenium (2020).jpg

Track-list is as follows.

1.Pride (6:03)
2.Lust (7:01)
3.Wrath (6:10)
4.Gluttony (4:38)
5.Sloth (8:33)
6.Greed (5:41)
7.Envy (10:08).
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