Misty Erroll Garner’s version


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A cool video showing the techniques used by Garner in his version of Misty from his album Eroll Garner’s Plays Misty (1965)


John Watt

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On my own, I could wander through this wonderland alone,
never knowing my right from my left, my hat from my glove,
I'm so misty, and so much in love.

ajrdileva: Are you saying you're playing piano and getting into this song?
When I was a teenager working at the movie theater as an usher, a great job,
they used videos of musicians playing songs as filler for the intermission.
One of them was Errol Garner playing Misty, but guess what, it was on a Hammond organ.
When I got into guitar playing and jazz I was surprised to see him on piano.
B3 solo acts were big back then, so I thought that was where he was at.
Are you going to accuse me of stacking your thread with one of our favorite songs?