Moon landing Conspiracy


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As you all probably heard people have denied that man never landed on the moon (1969 with Appolo 11) and it was staged, there were factors which contributed to it, but they were blaitenly opposed by NASA, and found evidence that proved that they did in fact land on the moon.



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Interesting that you are talking about that tonight, I was with friends not so long ago and we were talking about it.

I heard that most people who contribued to it (by filming and such) all died in weird circonstance.

Talking about evidences, this is clearly sure that no camera lens back in 1969 would have handle filming on the moon due to atmospheric depression (Same as why we can't film to deep underwater). Also, you can see the flag floating, come on, like if there was wind on the moon.
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However, everything seems to show that it wa fake.
The logic explication to "Why faking the moon landing" is:

Back then, communism and capitalism was in "war", like which one was the best. USSR (communism) and United-States (capitalism) were both trying to do something that would show to everybody that they were the best and that their though process (capitalism or communism) was the best way to run a nation. Since both nation were trying to conquer the moon, this was the best way to show it. This is probably why US faked the landing.

Whatever, tell me about what you think.

p.s: Sorry if I have some difficulties expressing myself in english hehe



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Another piece of evidence in favour was that there was this satellite that tracked the moon landing from take off, showed the graph and all that stuff, they said they had to dodge a crater, and the graph showed that they did as well.

Take a look at this webpage and tell me what you think.