Most important element of a song


Do you believe a prolific pop song writer can give love and affection to every one of his/her songs. Of course some of the songs are just for fun and no more than that. For the others,IMO if a song writer's affection and skill are distributed among too many songs, their values are consequently small.


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I hate that the word SONG has been stolen by those ignoramuses at Apple and is being used as a generic term for a piece of music. How many songs are you my iPod ... not many, but thousands of pieces of music.

But ... in answer to the original question ... for me a song is a whole package: words, lyrics and tempo; so if they all work for me then I'll generally enjoy the song.


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I usually go for the instrumentation first. Sometimes, or at least how I see it, the music itself can tell the meaning rather than the lyrics.

Matters how you see it.


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It depends... if its a song... then it has to be the lyrics... because many great songs are ruined by lousy lyrics..

if its a score... it has to be flow and pace. Its sad when the intro says one thing and the chorus becomes the most popular and the ending has absolutely no conncetion with the piece... The story flow must feel right...



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important element of a song

I will have to say that the most element of a song has to have soul and
a good tempo. That's rare it seems in today's music. If I was to compose
a song even though I don't have that talent, I would have to put my heart
and soul in the music and lyrics. I have had tunes to pop into my head
now and then where I just had to write it down guitar music style with
lyrics. Take the one I just did. The tune popped into my head along with
the Lord's Prayer and I had to write it down before I could go to sleep or
I would have been up all night thinking about it with a strong urge to
write it down or stay awake. Right now that is my comment.
judy tooley:)


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Obviously the artists voice and the songs beat both play a massive part....but strong, moving lyrics really make a song for me.
If you hear soemthing that you can really relate to or are moved by then then sometimes weak vocals can be forgiven or gto unnoticed....


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That must be the place, where the music(the rhythm actually), and the inspiration of the composer, combined with the text...if that happens and the spirit of the music is the continuous movement of the text, that become a legend.
No, I'm not forgetting about music without the text - here is the most value lies in the place where the spirit of the person writing are connected to what he is writing...I mean a grim dark music can't be called Sunny day, right?