Moving Piano Improvisation, be sure to see it!

John Watt

Active member
I have to report this. I'm witnessing an act of musical terrorism.
Who is this unidentified man of probable middle eastern ancestry?
Why is he attacking the keys of this unsold, retail establishment piano?
And the way he plays, he's forcing me to listen to the entire time.

At first, I was reminded of the beginning of "Riders in the Storm" by the Doors,
but that's easy compared to what this playing became next,
even if I was still thinking meditative thoughts about snow falling...
and then I heard some echoes of "Naima" from "Echoes of a Friend" by McCoy Tyner,
very nice...
and just when the lightly falling snowflakes started to gather into a chill,
the left hand starts a rhythm, a pulse, and the right hand gets melodic with it,
hearing some very nice very fast riffs, everything nice, nothing out of place.

I hope this man gets to play his own piano some day and wear a nice shirt.
So far, it looks like he's managed to avoid agents from the American Federation of Musicians.
They got me, doing eight years of hard time onstage... paying their dues.
This was a nice musical matinee, mateenj.