Murat Hasgün - Turkish Musician


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Murat Hasgün - Turkish Musician

Murat Hasgun was born in Istanbul in 16.05.1990. The first Education Primary Education School Faruk Timurtaş high school education at the Industrial Vocational High School Bahcelievler Erkan Avcı Murat the end, the Golden Horn Halic University Turkish Music Conservatory of undergraduate education was completed.

Interest in music started in the 9-10 age Murat, serving in the same period in Turkey in the first long-course musical Vural, was introduced after a short reed. After training here for 2 years, 2002 moved ASM Music Center. This course in 3 years and solfege singing (audio and notes) Murat Hasgun field training, then a lot of self-improving projects domestically and concert joined. In 2004 a classroom organized around the interests of Turkey in the talent competition, "Folk Music of Turkey Third" was chosen.

In high school choral music in public schools up and the choir held a concert at the Murat in the school, after her great acclaim, has concerts.

With all this by saying Murat identity as a writer is well known. Since a lot of junior high school period is accomplished poems, poems read in schools across müsamere held, has gathered great admiration. Still continues to work Murat poetic.

Showed that success on behalf of Murat's name frequently mentioned is similar.

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interesting music and tonality: but grows on you. Wonder what the name of the insturment is he is playing?


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Internationally recognized Turkish instrument "binding" the definition of doing;

Connecting is used in Turkish folk music. This is very common in Turkey Turkish folk music instrument as the most common instrument is used.

Murat 'successful people who play this instrument is a turkey. It was like to connect to young people, gathered great admiration.

Murat Hasgün Facebook Page (Turkish):

English Contact: [email protected]