Music in J.S. Bach's style


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Hello everyone!

I'd like to present some of my compositions in J.S. Bach's style:

Preludes and Fugues:

Double Concerto for Flute and Harpsichord:

Harpsichord Concerto:

Organ music:

If somebody will be interested in a real performance of my music - tell me - I'll be very grateful! All music sheets are on my site:

Enjoy! :)


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Very interesting compositions and well done. I would say for the advanced performer in most cases. The
double concerto in E flat is very flowing and filled with intrege. Take care and good luck.


Hello Jortex and welcome to the forum. Throughly enjoyed your music. Bach is my farourite composer



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Thank You for every comment! :) In the future, of course, I'd like to complete my 24 preludes and fugues... I dream about professional performance, when they will be finished - maybe someday my dream will come true.

Every my new composition I'll be posted in this thread...


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These are very delightful to listen to, Jortex.

Thanks for posting and keeping us updated on your new works.


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Enjoyed your works very much, I've tried playing some of the harpsichord versions on your website, but I only get an error message. So I''ve downloaded a couple of PDFs and will try entering the score on Finalé and send it from there to my virtual pipe organ, Grande Orgue and see how it sounds, I can load Grande Orgue with Harpsichord samples as well as organ. I'm not a keyboard player but get my enjoyment electronically.


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Yes, I have to work at the harpsichord versions presented on the site and move them on different server... By now you can listen to only the piano versions on youtube.