Music in Video games

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Since the release of TETRIS, music has accompanied almost all video games, with soundtracks that might and might have not written history.

Though there are many modern games that have Great -original- musical soundtrack, written by Tallented musicians. Some of these titles are: the "Medal Of Honour" Franchrise, the "Call Of Duty" Franchrise, "Hitman 2", the "Battlefield" series, the "Halo" series

To hear Medal Of Honour's soundtracks, you can visit this youtube user:
Battlefield 2142 theme:

Medal of honour Best of compilations : --see also part 2--

Hitman 2 Theme song:

If i find more i will post it.



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Bejeweled 1, 2, and Twist have some good music in those games.
I also have Return to Ravenhearst which this game has a real
soundtrack done by a real orchestra. Bookworm Deluxe has a
theme influenced by Brahms music.
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Oh... the fantasy... it's all around and that's still all it is... pure fantasy...
the gaming of it... the Disney taming of it... what doesn't really exist...
and those factors have launched enough corporations already,
so why shouldn't musicians get inspired by all these new creations?