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Frederik Magle

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Welcome to the Music Reviews forum!

This is a place for members of Magle International Music Forums to have their reviews of CD albums, concerts, and other musical items or events published to a large and interested audience. For now this forum wil cover all genre from classical music to electronica, though in time the plan is to split the music reviews forum into sub-forums each dedicated to a specific genre.

All members can post in here but in order to keep a high standard, reviews that does not comply with the basic set of standards will be moved. The basic standards (besides the general posting guidelines) that all reviews must comply with are as follows:

• The title of the thread must be descriptive, including if possible the title/name of the review-subject
• If a concert review: venue, date/year, and artist(s) must be listed.
• If a CD album review: title, artist(s), record company, record number, and year must be listed
• The review text itself (minus the above lists) must be minimum 200 words.
• The review must be written using correct grammar
• The review must use paragraphs for ease of reading.

• You may not post a review of any CDs, concerts, etc. that are in any way related to yourself, your relatives, or business-partners.

If you wish to include a "star" rating in your review (this is not mandatory), please use a scale from 0 to 6 out of 6 with 3 being the medium rating describing average performance (far from outstanding, but not »bad« either).

We will be looking forward to publish your reviews here on Magle International Music Forums

Kind regards,
Frederik Magle
Administrator, Editor in chief
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