My arrangement of a hymn for Guitar


Lovely piece Lovemore and one I am very familiar with. It seemed to be a strong favourite in Wales and one would regularly hear it in church. Do you have the guitar music for it?



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Very nice arrangement of this popular hymn ... one of my favorites of meditative type hymn-tunes.
@Smudgedude, Teddy, Mr Bill and Krumhorn: Thanks for the comments. Its very encouraging to know that one's has in a way helped cheer, encourage, inspire or warm someone's heart up. Huge reason to keep playing. Thanks for the feedback. Have a great day, friends.

Lovemore Nanjaya.

John Watt

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Yeah, in a way I did get inspired looking and listening here, and that's watching the whole song.
I got thinking about my own Scottish background, growing up in the choir of a church my parents helped start.
And I thought about the singing in the many different churches of the Niagara Peninsula,
where versions of "Abide With Me" would be sung.
That only reminded me of the sonorous sound I expect from most choirs,
and Krummhorn's previous comment about the meditative aspect of this song reflects the playing here,
made me think it again, still thinking more of a steadfast feel, than a contemplative one.
Nearer, my God, to thee. Yeah, a blinding light of love that can kill you or leave you soul dead,
or send you to lesser opportunities in a lesser life.
I'd have a hard time sitting still while all that's going on. And I've got high maintenance plans for heaven.
Yeah, I'll be anxious, a little, that's for sure.


Typed John Watt into Youtube and got..................The Singing Farmer. Is there something that you have not told us John?