My compositions - Ian Moore

John Watt

Ian Moore! I'm more than pleased to let you know what I think of your new website.
As a musician and maker of my own guitar, I might be more composite than compositional,
but I'm seeing you have forty posts here already, so I'm taking you seriously as a member.
I'm also taking you more seriously than others, because you're using your real name, as I do.
I also have my own domain that I won't explain, just left-clicking to build it,
doing text blocks and photos, Easy Wizard Pro, what the big providers here use.

I could analyze, with the emphasis on It all comes out in the end., what I'm seeing as your domain functions,
and you could be simply using a pre-fab supplier, only supplying your own content.
As an English person, more than any other country on earth,
you are not only used to being utterly fab in the sixties, the fab four,
but having first offshore access to American technology, since then, global pre-fabs.
While excess bandwidth is a concern of mine, considering what America does to enable the world wide web,
the sliding font works as a domain graphic, like a conductors' baton coming at you so you take notice,
and if the sheet music slid up in front of you, like on a stand, maybe it's in there, I took a fast look.

Everything worked well, everything looked both studious and stylish, a fast look seeing it all.
I'm paying $11 a month for my domain hosting and build, with the email to go with it.
Here's my personal comments.
Despite your accomplishments and travels, and being a younger man,
you only show a section of your face, and you describe yourself as someone else typing about you.
You can be shy. You can be paranoid online, part of the package,
but as a musician, trying to make it with other musicians, especially as a composure, not just a player,
you really need to make a personal, if not symbiotic connection with the musicians you need to perform.
The colouring could be said to be cold, seeing shades of grey, not spelling that like the books, movies, TV shows.
That's acceptable, because I'm seeing it more as a screen, above your sheet music,
that comes and goes depending on the sections you are displaying.
Seeing sheet music that's hand-written is more than just personal, so it's all good.

One other thing, about the global mind.
You are Ian Moore, a name that's stuck with me already,
and that's easy, coming offa so many Roger Moore movies, but,
you might lose some action when users forget the "w" in the middle.
Most people don't type the address, doing what they remember,
and letting the computer do the rest.
I'm getting a little httpsed off about what's happening now,
more American domination abominations for all the nations.

However, all you have to do is say John, I've been to see some Hadrians' Wall,
and I'd be willing to be your assistant in case your sheet music falls.

John Watt

Yes, my compositional skills here are improving,
going for some Mozart rep about only writing out perfect scores,
the only human being ever to go for that reputation,
oh, and if that meant having Salieri in his life, I understand.

I just riffed off and typed away,
with one word wrong, for me, "composure" instead of "composer".

Hey, Ian Moore, a little inanity is better than some slight insanity,
and as Monty Python would say.... yeah, I better ask you,
what would Monty Python say?