My favourite version of ... ... ...


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What's New, by Mel Powell, Paul Quinichette and Bobby Donaldson

Eight and a half minutes of sheer bliss


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Works for me, maybe it's one of those that get blocked in some countries due to copyright considerations.

John Watt

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Nope! I tried it again, seeing this video is not available,
and when it said to see it on You Tube, I clicked,
and You Tube told me the video was not available.

I'm going to watch Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart do a live "Crazy on You".
That's a live performance on a sound-stage for an MTV music video.


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From the YouTube site

YouTube has four common error messages that display when you can't play a video.

The first message has to do with copyright infringement. Google will often delete a video, either completely or in certain areas, if it receives notice that the video violates copyright law.

The second error message involves geographic restrictions. Companies in other countries often don't want their content to be viewable abroad, meaning, you might not be able to see it here in the US.

The third common error message is "This video is currently unavailable." A variety of problems can cause this, but the video itself is usually still there. You can try a quick fix by selecting a lower video quality. Click the "Settings" button on the video player -- it looks like a gear -- and pick a lower video resolution.


Btw, I am unable to view this YT video as well. Tried the "gear setting" and that did nothing to help. Apparently the video is blocked for users in the USA and Canada but not in other regions.