My Third Youtube video.


Hi Lovemore, I wondered where you had got to. Enjoyed the clip, very nice. unfortunately the sound is lousy on this old laptop.I must do something about it. Was that a choir singing in the background.

Hi Mr. Bill and Teddy. Thanks for your replies, thanks for the encouragement.

Teddy, it was group of ladies singing . Their music just happened to be audible enough to be captured during the recording. We were not in the same room with them.

I've been quiet for sure. I had just gotten a little tied up - I even travelled to South Africa at some point (towards the end of last year). Well, I think I'm back on MIMF now. Feels good.


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Wonderful, Lovemore ...

Beautiful tune ... always enjoy it when we do that one in my church here with piano and organ. Enjoyed hearing the duet - nicely done.