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Hi Mahlon,

I was quite impressed with the Rachmaninoff performance :clap: :clap:. To be this young and master a piece (and memorized, no less) such as this is very remarkable. Polishing and finishing will always be an ongoing thing - I've been playing classical organ for over 47 years and still work on phrasing technique.

Student piano recitals are probably the most nerve wracking time for young musicians ... I remember that routine all too well.

Your compositions are quite fresh and very enjoyable to listen too. Your counterpoint style is certainly on track. You are certainly headed in the right direction with your music. Please keep this community apprised of your further developments.

Andrew Roussak

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Hi Mahlon,

very impressed with your performance of C#moll prelude of Rachmaninov - great, liked it very much! I would not post any criticisms technical here - concerning pedal etc. - you know yourself better where it has to be polished, and the technical level grows as you exercise anyway, year by year. If you return to the same piece after a three-year pause, you will be surprised how different it sounds.

...So I have just enjoyed listening - best of luck on your way!