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N.A.S.A. N.O.T.I.S.T. Scientists: a nuclear organ peace project.

John Watt

It has been revealed today that the executive officers of the Southern Alabama,
lower tier lawn-mower racing association, mostly former N.A.S.A. scientists,
have decided against lengthening the water pit as a way to further their sport,
and have decided to build a nuclear organ for world peace.

N.A.S.A. is co-operating, donating empty missile tube and silo shielding,
from decommissioned nuclear bomb sites, and submarines.
This is creating a global demand for world peace, almost immediately, from other countries,
especially countries considered to be cold war and potential cold war enemies.
Russia is pledging to donate the biggest and longest irradiated tubes to America,
saying their glow wouldn't need further nuclear enhancements.
Japan wants to send all the tubing from it's nuclear plant meltdown.
Germany is finding you don't need heat to beat metric nuclear waste to American measure.
The Swedish Bikini Team has been photographed on what's left of Bikini Atoll,
struggling a little in the water, actually having to swim for the first time,
looking for first-use nuclear remnants to use as keys and stops.
Even Canadian authorities are considering cutting American pipes at the border,
and sending them down, thinking deep, deep bass, even if the tone is a little oily.

However, all participants are not only amused and entertained, but a little astounded,
to see an unknown keyboardist hovering around them, breathing life into their vision.
They sense some history, they feel some artistry, but they still think only electricity,
and are desperately trying to contact Master John Alexander Hay Watt,
when he just wants to play electric guitar.
What can possibly happen, and who can finalize this organ organization's organ?
It is known that strange things can happen while you're playing in a Cathedral,
and the colliders of nuclear sliders with hot air stops is sure to release a black hole tone.
Coming soon through the earth to you.


Chief assistant to the assistant chief
This is fantastic news John, I wondered how long it would take for them to realise the potential of this stuff, as my old Granny used to say "Don't throw anything away it will all come in useful one day"

Standard Ave.jpg

John Watt

Are you display saying that your entire neighbourhood is willing to sacrifice themselves,
letting the entire street and residences get dug up,
for the buried and not forgotten nuclear waste from previous underground testing?
That would make a wonderful contribution as a concrete waste base,
and any leftover soil used for the garden could only mutate into amazing radiation blooms.

Already, American musicians are vying to be the first composer to be honoured.

"Amazing race, how cold thou art, to spread such radiation on me,
I was once siloed, but now I'm embossed, how hot a decoration I'll be".
They're getting sticky with it already.


Chief assistant to the assistant chief
his is not a joke John if we all get a dose where will it end?? Already the birds that migrate to Japan and then come back to NZ are radioactive as with the fish stock no wonder the Whales are beaching on our pristine shores.
I fully recommend that no one eat any fish or birds you just don't know where they have been, this will spread just as easily as the Obylo virus, even McAfee and Norton will fail in their job to protect even the moderators will be powerless against it and Putin knows this and just laughs “Ha Ha”
I fear there is something rotten in the state of the long white legs.

Craven Arms.jpg

No longer will I play at the place of joy and laughter.

John Watt

JHC! Wow! That's the first time I've heard about radioactive birds and fish.
The Japanese meltdown isn't heard of any more, made to look a lot less than Chernobyl,
even if it was worse and hasn't stopped.
I keep describing that radiation as travelling around the oceans killing everything it touches,
for over ten thousand years. This could be the start of the man-made apocalypse.

And you had to mention whales. Maybe you're thinking whales like Vegas whales,
thinking of Canada's Prime Minister and the other world leaders now in New Zealand.

Work on the nuclear organ for peace is progressing, but there has been a tragedy already.
James Cameron, twenty miles from here in Niagara Falls, producer of the movie Titanic,
brought up a smokestack from the wreck to use as an air pressure release valve for the nuclear peace organ.
It was being brought over the American border on a barge when all cables let go,
and it went over the falls, the rushing water and tumultuous air making the most mellifluous if not ear-bending sound,
never to be seen again. Spectators injured by flying rivets were taken to hospital.

I was the first to notice that the hair on the bronze Tesla statue was now standing on end.
American tourists were overheard to say that somewhere the lights went out in Georgia,
while a man from New Zealand kept yelling, pure power, pure power, looking over the Falls,
and he jumped over the ledge, saying he wanted to send himself back with Niagara Falls hydro.
Too bad he didn't clear the embankment, landing on a spot where Marilyn Monroe once laid.


Chief assistant to the assistant chief
After saying that they would have no more nuclear power the Japs are considering building more new plants(if I have understood correctly), so not content with killing off the Whales in the southern ocean they will continue with this dangerous source of power remember they are on the ring of fire. And prone to severe Quakes.
Lordy Lordy help us poor sinners! :angel:

You noticed that the G20 was in NZ good on ya John, it is being reported as in Aussie …. Stupid reporters don't do their homework e.g NZ has 3 main islands North, South and West.

John Watt

My comments about whales beaching wasn't as heavy as they are,
and all kinds of marine mammals have been beaching themselves around America,
for a long time.
That goes back to oceanic "bangers".
The C.I.A. found out, after decades of creating all kinds of electronic sonars and radars,
that simple volume would allow underwater surveillance, so they spread a grid of bangers,
what makes volume explosions underwater.
They say you can't put a boat in the water in China without them seeing it.
Now that satellite surveillance has become a far more reaching technology,
it would be nice to see the bangers go away.

It has now been proven to the Canadian viewing audience,
that the nuclear project for peace has been as deceptive as any N.A.S.A. practice,
when they look for funding, as the C.I.A. myth about a hammer costing $400.
The movie, "The Big Bang", starring Antonio Banderas, is a cinematic fake.
The packaging describes him as a private detective hired to find a stripper,
for a convicted murderer in jail, and the movie is very hard core.
But the hardest core is the nuclear collider underneath Texas that blows.
Using public media to fund failed projects shouldn't be allowed,
but the nuclear organ for peace keeps radiating along.
Poor Antonio has gone from Zorro to zero.
This movie is highly recommended.
It also has the nicest Ford Thunderbird.
More experienced men will appreciate the nuclear explanation of the sex act,
with female tattoos of nuclear paths, all while the fall-out was falling in.


Chief assistant to the assistant chief
Can you tell us more about these "Bangers" John

John Watt

JHC! That's about all I can recall,
except that the grid is about a mile square and in both the Pacific and Atlantic.
In our global world, the ownership of oceans should meet at midpoints,
so countries can be responsible for their own care.
You don't want an American destroyer coming at you,
flying a pirate's flag.

But this is good news for the nuclear organ for world peace.
"The Banger Sisters", such a hardcore groupie pair they made a movie as adults,
went back to touch upon their favorite touchstone, a naval base.
They returned with banger parts now being reconfigured as a high pressure air defibrillator,
for the krummhorn stop, made out of deep, deep sea coral.
Their own banger sister parts were donated to the navy,
even if everyone knew they had to take them back when they left.

I just got the new Pearl Harbour movie with Ben Affleck, like new, $1.
They say if you want to be a movie star in America, you have to make a war movie for Washingon,
and this must be his.
This is the first American war movie to do two things for the first time, that I've seen.
They use a Coca-Cola bottle for blood, doing an IV.
And a gunner makes a remark about being given a broomstick to shoot with.
American military still don't want the world to know they were using black, wooden rods to aim,
with a three-foot wide wiring harness like telephone wiring hooked up to a computer gun,
programmable for fighting conditions and enemy airplanes.
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Chief assistant to the assistant chief
They are a devious lot just a load of misguided partisans, do you remember when the world was told of the natural energy grid this was wired into our world, and where the grid lines crossed at the surface was the only point where you could set off an Atom Bomb aka “Bomba Atomek” the powers to be at the time were so upset that they couldn’t just bang the bejesus out of who they like, ahh those were the days……… genuine bangers

John Watt

I'm starting you think you New Zealanders know banging more than anyone else.
I just watched a movie tonight, score by John Psathas with The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra,
"Good For Nothing", an outback western.
Lots of bangs, bangings and attempted bangings, everyone being a banger,
but the female star never really got banged, with a surprise ending.

Soundtrack available at www.goodfornothingmovie.com/

Fortunately, no contributions to the Nuclear Organ for Peace were created.
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Chief assistant to the assistant chief
We are a nation of bangers head bangers, fender bangers, barbeque bangers and mash, ladie bangers with bangers from Banger in Wales or is that Bangor any way a quaint place, they started to build a bridge but ran out of the necessary amount of bang so stoped half way and called it a Pier I could go on but watts the point,



I like some of Psathas music and he is from my own humble little village, the NZSO is a great orch and well thought of in concert halls. Here is a Psathas example fromYT
Premiered on the 18th of March 2011 at the Auckland Town Hall as part of the Auckland Festival of the Arts

[video=youtube;cPEQMYoABcI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=cPEQMYoABcI  [/video]

Bangers galore
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John Watt

JHC! Wow! Now I feel more neighbourly with you!

First of all, I really like the concert hall, the band on risers,
especially with the upper seating reaching along the sides.
The music does remind me of his movie soundtrack,
various melodic structures, sometimes the drums sounding militaristic.
I like how the electric clarinet was used to sound like a middle eastern zither.
Are you saying you knew him as a young musician,
hanging out playing acoustic guitar,
or was he just a composer right from the start?

And while I do know that New Zealand is not an island of Australia,
I did keep waiting to see some men stomping in with garbage can lids on their feet.
I keep saving up to make a CD order here worthwhile for Frederik Magle,
but I could sooner mail you the movie DVD if you want to watch it.

Your enthusiastic embrace of bangers to describe New Zealanders got me thinking,
what could Niagara Peninsula, southern Ontario or northern New York, people be called.
Plugs. That's right. Everything is plugged in or needs to be unplugged.
Not just couch potatoes any more. Plugheads.


Chief assistant to the assistant chief
I knew of him (Psathas) he grew up in our town but we were not friends he was just a school kid, John I do not watch DVDs but thanks for the offer. Regarding plugs all I can say is…but…no you don’t wana know. At least the music has retained the basics of what music is about and I can appreciate that.

John Watt

Oh! What's interesting here is you saying you don't watch DVDs.
I only watch DVDs and VHS, no residential cable for me.
I like to sleep at night, getting angry at what is called North American news.
I only own my first TV because it was given to me, a Panasonic Cinematic, a 48" screen, great sound too.
A buy and sell sign customer sold me a four year old Sony DVD player for $20,
and another sold me a Sharp VHS player for $10, all working as new for over a year.
I began by taking six DVDs at a time from the public library,
but lately have been picking left-over movies, some new, usually two for $1.79.
Having movies means trading for other movies too, a big activity around here.
It's nice to jam along with concert videos.

Yes, what and Watt is this world coming to?
Another buy and sell antique shop I did window lettering for took in an electric piano, thinking of me.
He called to say it all worked and had 88 keys, me saying a piano would look good in my apartment.
I went to see and it's a Roland HP 400, one of the first and best electric pianos in the late 70's,
what keyboardists used when I was living in Toronto playing full time.
It's built to sit on top of a Hammond B3 and is flat on top for a synth or clavinet.
He was asking $75 but after I turned it on and riffed away in C minor,
he said I could have it for $60.
A young customer took $5 to use his van to carry it and help bring it up into my apartment.

Uh, sometimes I just keep hitting a chord with the sustain pedal on,
and reach around and turn the pitch tuner knob around,
going whooba-whooba-whooba in my mind.
Is this ordinary plug-head piano behavior?
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Chief assistant to the assistant chief
I can’t stand music on DVD the sound mostly is crap unless it is a modern recording made to high standards plus I do have a bit of a vision problem, we do not get cable TV you see John I live in the country well away from the Cities so satellite TV via Sky is the only option but most of TV is crap anyway, my Hi Fi set up is plugged into Sky so I can get music at reasonable quality plus I can record a program and listen when I have time, you seem well served by your local retailers.

John Watt

You really have surprised me with your description.
Saying you live in the country, however, does say it all. That's the best.
I call digital signals tiny sound.
Having cable TV would keep me up all night and American news makes me angry.

It's nice when sign customers become friends, nice deals all around.
But Welland, with the highest per capita statistics for drug addictions and alcoholism,
as well as the dirtiest hospital and most release of untreated sewage,
has many stores where owners buy items from those who need the money,
and transport them to another city for sale, good deals for strangers.
The Niagara Peninsula also has the first commerical hydro in the world,
everything electronic swamping everything else.
This message to you is travelling with pure power from Niagara Falls.
I hope you have some cherry and peach trees on your property.
I always say I'm a frustrated farmer, never owning all that property.

Yeah, I can just see you sitting on your front porch rocker,
watching bare-breasted Maori ladies mashing berries the traditional way.
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Chief assistant to the assistant chief
John we have Cherry, Peach, Apple, Pear, Hazel Nuts, Red berry and two Nashi Pear trees ( no Maori ladies) it is always a race between The Birds, Wasps, local kids and we trail a poor last but there is enough to go round we had to get rid of two plumb trees as they fell, fermented and made a heck of a mess and brought in the wasps from all around.
I can not give a reliable figure but we are blessed with hydro generation on the rivers plus some geothermal around Taupo and Rotorua.
Don’t get me wrong about DVDs I just prefer to listen to my music than watch it on TV.

Here are 3 pics of our place > click for enlargement click again for big big.
Over the river a new house going up
28 November 2014 036.jpg

Our claret Ash before pruning
28 November 2014 006.jpg

Centre of garden looking towards house which can just be seen between trees
28 November 2014 014.jpg
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John Watt

Wow! I just sat here looking, each time saying wow, wow, look at that.
The top photo could be taken from above the escarpment behind Fonthill,
except for the white house or barn with red accents.
Around here they are mostly stained red or just not there any more.
The other two photos are beautiful, wonderful trees,
looking like bigger scenes than being at the Horticultural College along the Niagara River,
a have to visit place for me, day or night, during long distance bike-hikes.

Hazel nut trees? People around here call them filberts, my parents saying Hazel nuts.
Hazel nuts are my favorite nut to eat, only because the meat in hickory nuts, lots of those around here,
is so hard to get at. I can sit and pound them open for half an hour, to get one small mouthfull.
A local Italian grocery store I made signs for sells them for over $5 a pound.
Maybe my only regret, and I feel it every day, is looking around at all the black walnut trees, huge trees,
knowing the sweet walnuts, called California walnuts by others, were a dominant species until whites came,
a disease wiping almost all of them out. The two I know in Welland have to have bags tied over them,
because squirrels go nuts over them before humans can eat them.
I was talking to a property manager this morning,
and he showed me how squirrels had chewed holes through the plastic lids of the dumpsters,
sitting behind a fenced off area off to the side of the parking lot, far from a lawn or trees.
Everyone is saying the squirrels around here are big and look like fat cats.

You must have some animals roaming around in your garden wonderland.
I know I could find a home here, if you don't mind me using some lawn as a peat hut.
And those blue skies.... all around you, nothing but blue skies, what can I do.
I just finished replying to you in another thread, talking about my parents,
saying they sent away to New Zealand, dreaming about moving there when I was in grade two or three.
I remember my parents looking and saying we could be walking all over anywhere we go,
from the ice covered mountains to the jungles and ocean shores below,
because we wouldn't have to worry about being bitten by snakes.
They would also say,
that the beauty of nature that we see and feel is proof that there is a greater glory.
I'm seeing that, and feeling it, right now, a wonderful computer moment I would never expect.
You are calling me.

I came back to add this photo of a piece of my apartment I'm looking at now.
The expensive, laser etched, deluxe polypropolene shower curtain, two of them,
cover this side wall that has my balconey door and windows behind it.
In the shadowed balconey daylight, this illusion looks very real.
The plywood piece is something I'm using for a build.
Some of us old souls, marine mammals who are still above water, need deep sees.

All the nuclear wastes and disasters that are dumped and diverted into the oceans,
so they aren't readily seen as hazardous to land-living creatures,
are the beginnings of the new apocaplypse.
Jimi Hendrix said that the ocean is the largest living thing on earth.
Living things all have their own kind of revenge.


  • deep sees.jpg
    deep sees.jpg
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Chief assistant to the assistant chief
I'm with you there John the oceans are the be all and end all for life on this bit of rock the thing that is a bit scary is that when Earth finally pops the cork the Universe won't even notice and it will make not one scrap of difference. I do like your shower curtains it has sparked an idea...................................