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I'm very excited about finding these forums. Music is my favorite thing in life and this appears to be a very active community. Ever since i first heard it as a kid this melody that is very important to me. I'm trying to find more information on it. Its a re-occurring variations of a melody that i have found in movie scores and artist albums alike. I hope you can hear the similarities. Im not sure what it is, but when i hear a song like this it completely captivates my attention. I wasn't sure if there was some history behind it. Thoughts?

Thomas Newman - Any Other Name (American Beauty)


Thomas Newman - Brooks Was Here

Seal w/ Jakatta - My Vision

Also Similar

Graeme Revell - The Saint Love Theme (after the sweeping intro stops and the synthe kicks in

Massive Attack - Weather Storm

Craig Armstrong - Weather Storm


Welcome to the forum Izak,
I trust you will get much pleasure and meet many new friends on this excellent site.
Love the music (Love Shawshank particularly).
Have you tried Googleing the composer? Or even try Wik. It sounds to me as if it is a variation on a theme rather than a particular piece. Someone here will know.




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yes.. he has a nice dreamy style on many of his compositions
reminds me of a beautiful warm August sunset like this one