Nazatron - Fork in the road

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QUOTE from the artist:
Nazatron is the musical vehicle of Genaaron Diamente. Genaaron grew up in a small town in Victoria, Australia and started playing guitar as soon as he was big enough to hold one. A steady diet of beatles records, 90s metal, school jazz bands and guitar lessons quickly evolved into an irreversible love of music.

After high school, Genaaron moved to Melbourne and after a brief stint studying computer programming he decided to study music full time. He spent the next few years honing his craft and practicing jazz scales. But Nazatron was not satisfied. The crazy metal and electro beats that he still listened to when no one was around started to consume him.

After graduating with a nice piece of paper that said music degree, Nazatron gave in to the inner music rebel and decided to give life to the music that had been growing inside of him for years. At last, his world started to synergize. He could now marry his love for music and jazz scales with the computer skills that he secretly still harbored. He locked himself in his room (that is, in between teaching guitar and playing/singing Clapton songs at dirty pubs) and after a few years, his debut album was complete.

Nazatron had passed the fork in the road, never to return.


Fork in the road, released June 2010, is a very interesting first effort, one of the best independent debut albums I have heard in recent years. Highly melodic alternative pop/rock music, with a thrusting beat. His voice (a bit in the style of the softer side of Steven Wilson, as in Blackfield), though not outstanding, suits the music very well. The album contains nine songs, with a duration between 3 and 6 minutes. My favourite songs are Pay me last (which would not be out of place on a Blackfield album - which coming from me is very high praise indeed), and the almost instrumental You, with its Peter Gabriel like rhythms. Highly recommended to check him out.