Need some feedback on my composing


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Hi, all!

I've loved orchestral and symphonic music all my life, but I've never really been good at any instruments. So when I got myself an Imac with Logic I decided to try composing a few pieces. Now, I don't really know how to read notes, but I've got a really good ear for music and I know what sounds right.

So take these two pieces with a grain of salt, but I would really love some feedback. Both are very film/game music in style.

Thanks! :)

John Watt

It was acceptable to me as a piece, but I can see your point about being a soundtrack thing.
And no, don't ask me to think sci-fi while listening or I'll phase out of this existence before it's over.
The strident horn had a too fat blat, but that could be just the internet between us,
but it is unfortunate you came in with piano sounds after the quiet break.
People expect more pianistics with piano sounds, and your one-fingering-it doesn't hit it.
I'd suggest either changing it to a cello tone, still hot for modern pop and cinema exposure,
or delete that and dub a Frederik Magle piano solo, recommending "Sunset for Piano".

I kinda thought that James Bond riff was coming, but it never did.


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The first piece has a bit of the old Philip Glass feel to it and is quite engaging.
The second piece sounds a bit peculiar mainly I think because of the pauses.
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