New Age Keyboardist Timothy Wenzel Consistently Excellent


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If you have followed the career of musician Timothy Wenzel, you see a bit of progression and development, but on the other hand, he has always been good from the beginning. He is a new age keyboardist who excels at creating thought-provoking and interesting arrangements featuring multiple instruments (full-bodied ensemble sounds) using both his own synthesizers as well as guest musicians who add their own solos that co-mingle with Wenzel’s. He has always written enjoyable melodies, often with strong rhythmic elements. His seventh solo album is called Running Away and it is just as good or better than the previous ones which all went very high on the Zone Music Reporter Chart which monitors this type of music.

Running Away features Wenzel playing piano on most of the recording, but he also is adept on synth so he fills in much of the arrangements with the sounds of bass, organ, electric or acoustic guitars, a string section or a choir. He is especially good with synth flute (sounding remarkably real). But on his past few albums, and here, he also adds actual musicians playing some key parts and solos. Violinist Josie Quick appears again (she was on his last two) as does Jill Haley on oboe and English horn plus Jeff Haynes on percussion. All are known as top musicians in the new age field. They join together in various combinations throughout and the interplay between the musicians is superb, especially when Timothy, Josie and Jill all play together (the slow “A Bit About You,” the midtempo “Traveling Light” and the fairly rapid and bouncy “Gazelle Dance”).

This one lives up to all expectations and shows that Timothy Wenzel has a firm grasp on what it takes to make contemporary instrumental music that is extremely pleasing for the listener.