New Artists Brooks & Day Present An Excellent New Age Music Debut Album


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There is a new act that has entered the new age music recording scene and they have a great sound. They are Brooks & Day (Ben Brooks on flute, Peter Day on acoustic guitar, both on backing keyboards) and their debut album is called MYSTIC MESSAGES. Most of the music on the recording is soft, slow, peaceful stuff that fits right in with what the new age music crowd is looking for.
The classical metal flute is out front on every tune, the guitar is strummed gently in the background, the electronic keyboard sounds (including piano and synth) fill out the music textures, and tasty percussion is sprinkled throughout. Sometimes the flute and percussion give the music a bit of a world music feeling.
The album begins with “Sacred City,” which sounds like a full band and this one definitely has some world percussion plus bass and keyboards, almost like modern jazz. The mood moves to very slow and soft with “A Song For My Father” which has a very positive vibe and a an uplifting, joyous feel to it. The tempo stays slow with “Forgiveness” which sounds fairly improvisational, but the flute soars. The title track starts slow and then picks up momentum with a fast strummed guitar (one of the few places the guitar stands out of the mix) building a real tension to the piece. “Esquisse” sounds a bit like avant-garde jazz with both keyboards and a vibraphone sound fairly dominant. “Secrets of the Lotus” is energetic, pulsating and bouncy with synths and a powerful flute part. “Hopeland” is a mid-tempo piece with a pure-sounding flute gentle propelled forward by the percussion. “The tune “Soaring” is a mellow, drifting, slow walk on a sunny day. The CD ends with the very slow “No Regrets” incorporating a delicate acoustic guitar, a slow melancholy flute and wistful synth strings.

The overall effect of the music is a relaxing journey with enough going on to hold your attention and make your ears perk up at various points. This is one worth seeking out at an online sales site or a streaming service where you can listen to these newcomers and decide for yourself how good they are. Recommended.