New Concerto for Violin in D Major

Hello everyone. After more than 30 years, I decided to share some compositions, before it's too late. They are works in the Baroque, Classic and Romantic styles, inspired by the work of great composers like Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach and Mozart. This first post contains the first movement of the Violin Concerto in D Major. It has never been permormed in public. Hope you like it. Thank you.

Adagio is the second movement of this Concert in D Major in Baroque style accessible at the link below. In the video link there is another link to get to the full score of the concert. This Adagio was written in the relative key of D major (B minor). After a long introduction by the orchestra presenting the main theme, the solo violin appears as if to dialogue with it. Then, while the orchestra re-presents the initial theme, the soloist adds another melody in parallel, which can be considered a counterpoint. How about trying to identify all this while listening to Adagio? I hope you get it.