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Hi, my name is Robert Carlton and I have played acoustic nylon/steel guitar for over 30 years. At 19 I enrolled at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and studied classical guitar there for 5 years. There I met my wife Lorraine. She plays the flute and we started The Rousseau & Carlton Flute and Guitar Duo. We took classical pieces and did our own arrangements of them for flute and guitar. We would be booked for over 100 functions a year performing our own unique arrangements. Later we started to add our own original music to our repertoire. In 1996 we recorded our debut CD It's a Mystery on our own label Arrow Records. It is all original instrumental music composed by Lorraine and myself which features the melodic sound of flute and guitar with a world class acoustic ensemble. We are currently out there promoting our fourth CD, Visionary World. It was recorded at Inception Sound in Toronto with award winning engineer Chad Irschick. We decided to use 2 inch tape for this recording to capture that naturally warm sound of the flute and guitar along with the other acoustic instruments such as Piano, Cello, Organ, Saxophone, Drums & Percussion. Drop by and have a listen to our contemporary instrumental music at
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Hi Robert and welcome aboard!

Looking forward to see you around and hope you will participate in the many music topics here. I will take a listen to your music soon.

To hitsware: What IS that? And why did you post it in this thread? When you post an "attachment" please describe it's content and purpose, so people have an idea what they are downloading (especially in this day and age of viruses and spam etc.)