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Hi everybody! I am a dutch girl living in Denmark, and I am reeeaaally looking forward to starting my church music study at the conservatory in Copenhagen in August! In my sparetime I lead a childrens choir. My question to Frederik: what do you usually do at days, where there just is no inspiration for composing? (or don't you know that problem?? 'Cause I do... hope you have some suggestions.)

And my other big question is: why on earth does Danish Radio hardly ever broadcast any decent organ music??? Is it because they are culture barbarians?

Frederik Magle

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Hi mirjam and welcome to! Hope to see around here a lot

Well, those are two big questions....

the first: what do I do when there is no inspiration, and have I ever experienced that?...
- ooooh, I sure have. Well, there's not much to do other than the age old advices; "hit your head in to a wall", "weep", "get drunk"...I've tried them all, strangely they tend not to work...ahem...
You just have to face that some days are like that. I have no advice, sorry, but hopefully I can be a small consolidation that you are not alone.

the second: Are the Danish Radio cultural barbarians?....
- When it comes to organ music the answer is.... on second thought, I don't think I wish to answer that particular question....