New works for piano

Rune Vejby

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Hi all!

I have recently completed composing and recording a collection of new works for piano (classical music with a jazzy blend). It is called "Poèmes" and contains 10 small pieces for piano. I have attached 2 of the pieces in this thread, and I hope you enjoy them :)

Thank you for listening!

Btw. if any of you guys would like to download all the tracks on "Poèmes" (for free, of course), then just send me an email on [email protected] and I will supply you with a link :p

Here are some links to a couple of my previous works for piano:



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Hej Rune :tiphat:

Splendid composing and recordings of your latest works. These are absolutely delightful and a real pleasure to listen to over and over again.

Are these just "free thoughts" or did you have some sort of "inspiration" for composing these?

Keep up the great work ... you have a great talent and I certainly am very appreciative of you sharing it with this forum community.

Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
Dear Judy and Lars,

Thank you very much for your kind words!
Krummhorn, some of the works on my new CD are based on actual events in my life, but mostly I compose from "free thought" or on basis of some "emotion", if you know what I mean.... :)
The 2 works attached in this thread are both more or less inspired by "free thoughts".
I'm really pleased that you like my music! Thanks :)


Andrew Roussak

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Hi Rune,

I love both of your pieces! Congrats, extremely well done!

The first one could be as well an unknown composition of Debussy - well the jazzy blend is in there too...The runs in a second one are excellently played.

Both pieces work like an impressionistic painting on me - very colourful, with much light in them.

Ovations to performance - did you recorded it yourself ( I mean, did you play yourself ) ?

Got a publisher for your work?


Oooh, Rune has new stuff! Sweet.

I'll be back to listen asap.

Edit- Lovely, Rune. I'm charmed. :)

Thanks for sharing; always a delight to hear your work. :up:

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Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
Thank you all for your very kind words, it is truly uplifting for me to read!

Andrew, I recorded the works myself, yes... It took a comprehensive amount of time to do it, but I think it was worth it :)