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Here are several short works I've written in the past month or so. This is my first post so I thought rather than listing one work at a time I should condense them to save some space on the forum. The samples I'm using aren't the greatest of quality, but I hope it will give you an idea of my writing style. Any creative critisism you can offer would be great and most appreciated.

*In Norse mythology, Tyr, son of Odin, is the God of War, Valor and Heroes. Using a magical ribbon, Tyr traps an evil wolf, Fenrir, son of Loki the God of Fire, and sacrifices his right hand so the wolf could be bound. Because of his sacrifice he is considered the bravest of the gods. My most recent work.

Tyr, God of Heroes: The Binding of Fenrir

*A work for brass and percussion, Teruah, translated from Hebrew, means "to make a joyful noise; sounding like a trumpet".

Teruah: Fanfare for Brass and Percussion

*The Eleven Drummer, is a tone-poem for orchestra inspired by a painting of the same title by artist Patrick Woodroffe. (Permission granted by artist)

The Eleven Drummer

*Inspired by a letter written by an young American Civil War soldier, he speaks of the horrors of war, current politics and his fraternal link to the soldiers whom he fights side-by-side. In the end, it is his family and home he longs for most.

Civil War Letters

Again, any advice or critisim would be greatly appreciate. I hope you enjoy.:)

Thanks for listening,