New Zealand 60, Canada 1, the final score

John Watt

There was a precedent setting event in Hamilton, Ontario, two days ago.
Hamilton is a one hour drive up from the American border at Niagara Falls.

What is estimated as a group of twenty people went on a destructive rampage.
They carried a big banner, over ten feet long and five feet high,
that said "We are the ungovernable", and went around smashing store and car windows,
doing an estimated $100,000 worth of damage.
The security guard at the library knew a lot about this group, having a name I can't spell.
He said they go to Conservative Party functions and throw balloons full of urine at members,
and do other disruptive things, saying they probably get paid to do that.
There was an evening function hosted by this anarchistic group, for their members only,
that night, and the doorman wouldn't let reporters in.
People are quoted as saying this isn't America, and American style politics shouldn't be here.

They're lucky to be in Hamilton, not Welland.
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John Watt

Steady news reports about America are saying the biggest wave of protest since the Viet Nam war,
is not political adults, but teenagers saying they want to be the generation that changes it all,
and that began as victims of serial killers using military assault weapons sold in public gun stores.

A day of protest saw many schools letting students out to stand outside as quiet demonstrators.
Some schools told students if they went outside they would be expelled,
and some schools locked students in so they couldn't get outside.
Over 2,000 students went to the White House and put their pairs of shoes on the front lawn,
to show how many of them have been killed in schools in the last few years.

Another day, thousands of students met in front of the White House,
and stood there with their backs turned to it, saying that's how the White House treats them.

President Donald Trump is now being reported as standing up to the NRA,
saying the age to buy weapons should be 21, not 18,
and maybe a background check would be a good thing before weapons are sold.
He's also being reported as saying one thing, but doing the opposite.
He called a senator a wimp for bending over backwards in public for the NRA,
saying they would give him the money anyway.
News reports also say his "trade war" and "tariffs" is a cover-up for these student protests.

A police trained firearms expert, a local guard volunteer, who is a high school teacher,
took out a revolver at the front of the class to demonstrate how guns can be safe.
This, in response to President Trump saying teachers and janitors should carry guns as security.
He pointed it to the ceiling to demonstrate that it wasn't loaded and pulled the trigger,
and it went off, and bullet splinters were imbedded in the neck of a student.
National news said right away he was trying to get publicity when it was only falling ceiling debris,
but that changed when his medical report said it was metal from the bullet.

More articles are saying some people think there should be a two week waiting time,
calling it a cooling off period, so people who want to kill someone can calm down.
Some articles say that only 4% of Americans are the ones who own all the guns,
but long-time statistics say one in four Americans owns a gun.
A new American documentary movie is now saying Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone as a shooter,
when President John Kennedy was assassinated.

The student who was the shooter in Florida wants to plead guilty right away to avoid the death penalty.
Local officials say they don't want to make that deal, and his trial could be a public wake-up call.
The Police Chief says he is sickened in his heart, after security camera footage showed,
that the police officer who first showed up, didn't go inside and hid behind a dumpster bin,
getting on his cell phone to call it in, hiding with a school employee.
The Chief said his first responsibility as a policeman was to confront the gunman,
and if that had happened, how many lives could have been saved.

And don't let the fact that Americans not dropping a nuclear bomb is a good thing.
They have non-nuclear weapons that not only have the same devastating power,
they're better, because there is no radiation and Americans can move in right away.
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John Watt

Traditional news sources are now carrying this story about President Donald Trump.
They're saying he's a Russian plant after making a deal when he wanted to build in Russia.
All of his email, his business deals, everything Russian about influencing the last election,
was about Russians in Russia helping him become president with money and electoral interference.
They're even quoting a book that details how all this happened.
Now that a Trump family member has been cut off from his White House privileges,
after being accused of lying and setting up America with off-shore financiers,
his wife, a former model, is leaving him, and she still looks good in photos.
The porn star known as Stormy Daniels is making more news and getting her photo in there more than ever.
She offered to pay back the over $100,000 she got to agree not to talk about her affair with Donald Trump,
when his second wife was pregnant, so she could go on talk shows and write a book about it.
A male stylist friend of hers who was around when that was going on, is going on about it.
He's giving tantalizing details about the relationship, saying he's a witness, and has some Trump email.
Now Stormy Daniels is going on talk shows and is being featured in magazines,
talking about how a White House lawyer is denying this deal and what he wants to keep hiding.
So far, there hasn't been one mention of any expectation that this is going to be,
President Donald Trumps' sex video.
Actually, artificially, that's not true.
There is a video of a man in a Trump body suit making it with a Stormy Daniels look-alike.
And when I say video, that's just the best one, this becoming an online theme.
I wish I knew how much You Tube gets to quickly delete new ones.

And Facebook is losing more face as more people leave that sight in droves.
New accusations of misuse and wrongful selling of private information,
which have been settled in courts before, have now become so huge,
the owner has been called to testify before a White House panel.
Implications of Russians using Facebook to interfere with the election are part of that.
The names of men and women who came to America to pose as Americans,
using social media to interfere with elections on behalf of Donald Trump, is growing longer.

Oh no! Oh no! I've been online typing about him too long. He's here.
Here's a photo of the box cover and game board for "Trump The Game",
with scans of the instruction cover and interior message.
The first thing I thought was this isn't half as complicated as Monopoly.

And speaking about not being very complicated,
from Vice Presidential candidate and Senator Joseph Biden,
is being quoted as saying he wants to take President Trump outside and beat him up.
He mentioned this while he was making a speech to students, going way off-topic,
and has been saying this a few times since in other interviews.
President Trump said he'd go down with one punch and start crying like the baby he is.
Commentators say that both of these old and out of shape men could only hurt themselves,
while everyone agrees that Russian Premier Putin could take them both on and easily win.

oh no... oh no... I hafta type this.
Now that the cold war is over, and President Trump is seen as tweeting to run the White House,
you can only say that Premier Putin has won the new BOLD WAR. Ow! That font hurt.


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I tend to not worry, nor care, about things that are beyond my control.

The news today is all he said, she said ... you said, I said, they said ... etc etc ad-nauseum. I really do not think that the news media has one blinking idea of what really is going on in the political scene here in the US. They grab a story and run it to death, repeating the same story for weeks on end, and then analyzing it do tears trying to figure out what exactly was said. If they had listened to everything they would have known what was said.

I am not registered with either major political party here in the US; my voting status is "Independent" meaning that for a general election I have the right to request any single parties ballot for the purpose of voting. I cannot ask for multiple parties ballot, only one party. I also cannot vote in primary elections and I have no problem with that at all.

98% of the time I do not vote for any incumbent candidate ... I truly believe there needs to be term limits for all senate, congress positions just as there are term limits for governors and presidents.

Everytime I open the newspaper either online or in print there is something always about the current president ... It's annoying especially when so many other important matters are happening in our world today that are equally important and are being put on the back burner or buried on page G-18 at the bottom left hand corner.

Entertainment news is equally disgusting - we have to read how a well known star was "rushed to the hospital because the started to cough". Really? This is news? There are millions of people everyday who have "started to cough" and yet they are not rushed to the hospital and/or given national/world news coverage.

Sorry ... I tend to get on a rant trip once in awhile. Rant over.

I'm over it ... life goes on.

I love everything associated with my music career - music is my gyroscope.

John Watt

That's a challenging concept, music is my gyroscope.
I think of them as skipping and dancing and spinning away,
whirling at different angles depending on the surface they're on.

I was cleaning up the construction area and starting to build a music studio,
and I had the radio on, a local station from Niagara Falls, and heard "The Ryan Seacrest Hour".
That meant I had the radio on for over four hours.
I started to think, I never heard one song about protesting serial killers in schools,
when that's growing news every day. No-one mentioned it.
I heard slow, painfully sung songs about predatory and addictive behavior,
that I really wouldn't call professional entertainment, like a bad folk-singer.
They were chatting it up, laughing at each other, saying really inane things,
and I started to think Casey Kasem would be doing a better job.
Lorde singing "Royals" was one of the up-beat songs,
and "X's and O's" was about a female singer having sex around the world with different men,
acting like she was getting what she wanted and didn't care about them.
That might be a reverse attitude about male rock stars and women, but it's still very immature.

CHUM-FM in Toronto: Ben Mulroney, son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney,
as host of an American Bell network news and music show, on a Monday morning.
"We're starting off the week with a big story about Katy Perry.
She turned down six million dollars to pose nude for Playboy."

Now I'm thinking about Z.Z. Top and getting more into their name.
They said it's from an old yo-yo.
oh no... oh no... I see me in this picture, being like a re-chargeable battery.
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John Watt

People around Ontario talk about Toronto becoming Americanized, by the new crimes.
This is a truly sad and bad one.
A man drove onto a sidewalk to run down people and killed ten, injuring many others.
This happened last night, just hearing about now on the radio.
yeah... here I am, happy to type about Stratocasters and my inventive semi-solid-body,
and as my life changes life in Toronto changes.
In the United States, the highest percentage of murders is vehicular homicide.

Another American term was used, "suicide by police".
They say the officer who apprehended him should be commended,
because the madman was confronting police in a way that could have gotten him shot,
but the officer didn't use his gun.
The announcer also said that if the officer had killed him no-one would have complained.
That is a Toronto on-air personality saying that.
And look at their online address for video.

John Watt

They are now saying in California that this is the biggest wildfire the state ever had.
This new wildfire has only destroyed over seventy homes so far, and they're saying it's not even 20% contained.
They're also saying they can't contain it, all the heat and drought creating perfect conditions everywhere.
Another, smaller wildfire, has destroyed over 1,000 homes before it was contained.

Here in the Niagara Peninsula, the recipient of the most global warming effects, between two Great Lakes,
Lake Erie is experiencing the highest water levels anyone has seen in a long time.
I can't bike-hike along most of the beaches, because the water is up behind backyards, docks and barriers.

For some reason, this is making me think of something it was said that Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau did,
in the pool at the Prime Ministers' residence, having sex with Barbra Streisand.
Being in California, having firestorms all around, and having a cool pool,
might be the only reason I'd have sex with Barbra Streisand.
no... I'd want to go underwater where I could snorkel.

There were a couple more mass killings, serial killings, or mass murders, however you call them,
in Toronto this last couple of months. One guy drove a car through people beside a street,
and another used a gun.

Have you seen the new Time cover, a photo blend of both President Trump and Premier Putin?
Time is saying that even though President Trump stands a head taller than Premier Putin,
Putin seemed to overshadow him and come off as the bigger man.

If you have ever had a bad Jimi Hendrix experience... yeah... you know who to blame.

I forgot to mention, just for JHC, that New Zealand sent 40 volunteer firefighters.
Maybe California does have a chance.
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John Watt

I quoted an old statistic,
saying that every day in the United States,
there are over fifty serial killers driving around who can't be caught.
New statistics say that's over 300.
They say there are over 70 secret communities in the area around New York,
religious cults, survivalists, para-military revolutionaries, all heavily armed.

American news is making a big deal about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau crying.
I never heard North American news talk about Russian Premier Vladamir Putin crying.
Political people are calling for an election, saying Trudeau is just being a pretty boy,
while Canada is falling to the Americans.
And in the midst of what seems to be many world leaders crying while talking about their country,
yeah... especially when it seems there is no more Turkish delight,
I heard that the Danish keyboardist Frederik Magle has moved beyond dark organ and piano playing,
and to express his new emotions about this new world view... and he gets around more than I do...
he's going for a Greek influence... like the Sword of Damocles...
getting a big, six foot long pointy icicle installed over his keyboard,
so that when he plays... it's either going to crack from bad vibrations and fall on his head...
or just melt and water up his organ... glacial tears... ancient water... rune-ing the keys...
and for the first time do a remake of a Jimi Hendrix song... more than just tears, "Drifting".

"Drifting, on a sea of forgotten heartaches, in a life-boat, waiting for your love".
keyboard solo

John Watt

This isn't news like it's headlines, but you're going to start seeing requests for donations, for Texans.
I know the people of Ontario are going to have to pay more for insurance, like hurricane Katrina.
The last hurricane is now being seen as being on par with what happened in New Orleans.
Over 197,000 homes were destroyed when 80% of them weren't covered by flood insurance.
They're saying these people are living shattered lives they will never recover from.
They might find food, medical help, and the lucky few have temporary shelter,
but sooner or later, they're going to be homeless.
Photos showed even white people in cardboard boxes and roadside pipes.

Toronto statistics are making the news around Ontario.
Last year, at this time, there were 205 shootings and 17 gun deaths.
This year, at this time, there are 229 shootings and 30 gun deaths.
If people outside of Toronto were told this related to finding a parking space,
they'd believe it right away.
A new category has been created, two shootings incidents in one day.

John Watt

"Greek wildfires kill 74, the deadliest blaze in decades"
Derek Gatopoulos and Elena Becatoros

This is the title of a big article in Torontos' Star, and they even credit Greek reporters.
"Wildfires raged throught seaside resorts near the Greek capital of Athens,
torching homes, cars and forests as they killed at least 74 people, authorities said Tuesday.
Twenty-six of the dead were found huddled together in a compound,
while a few bodies were recovered from the sea where they fled to escape the flames and smoke.
Greece endures wildfires every summer but the first that broke out Monday were the deadliest..."

Right beside it, with a big, 6" by 5" photo of the only survivor of a group by the sea,
was another big article about him and his narration of events.
I'm not surprised that the Greek people here in Ontario are getting special treatment.
It was a saying in the seventies, for bands touring around northern Ontario.
Half the restaurants and gas stations were owned by Greeks.
That was more about having your own little kingdom, always a big property.
A restaurant, gas bar, a store, maybe rooms, with a big house set far back from the road.
You didn't see a sick looking bear in a cage on the side of the parking lot in those places.
That's my impression of the difference between Greek ownership and everyone else.
That's true, seeing more bears in cages at gas stations than in zoos.
The province had to pass a law about private zoos and bears in cages. I saw quite a few.

Talking about culture clash can also be culture crash.
Clinton, a very northern city where radar dishes were made during the last world war,
was famous for the one restaurant that was open after midnight.
It was owned by Ukrainians and for a Chinese dish they had egg rolls.
The egg rolls were fried eggs with peas in them, rolled up and served with a packet of soy sauce.
I had to order some to believe it, and I ate them, that's for sure. I used ketchup instead.
Please don't think we didn't get along. You have to respect anyone who survived the Holomodor.

When I think of global climate change, I think this illustrates the difference in our climate.
Edmond Hillary climbed Mount Everest in hiking clothes and didn't have his own oxygen.

When you think of everything that the United States is doing as war to get the oil,
to make the plastic and the energy to keep propagating their world wide web,
and it's getting stickier all the time,
look what 7-Eleven is doing as a new customer promotion.
This is a card the clerk can swipe so you get shopping rewards,
with a smaller version to carry on your keychain.
I know some people with as many swipe cards as they have keys.
I tried to size the scan so everyone can see and look for themselves.
All this, for a store that is open all the time, for smaller cities,
the only store that's open after eleven at night, and it's about munchies.
Most do have a gas bar, the only gas bar open all the time,
but the now big stores are just high-priced late night food for stoners.
If I'm not tired and don't feel like doing anything or getting out on my bike,
I like to get a Super Big Gulp, now having lemonade and a fruit drink, not just pop,
and sit on the curb and watch everybody else coming and going.
The 7-Eleven in Port Colborne is known for the unusual, uh, costumes people wear,
a highly sexual stream of customers.
When I first heard about this I was surprised it popped up in Port Colborne.
There's a big neighbourhood watch and citizen patrol with police walkie-talkies.
Coming back from a long, more than over-night bike hike, walking along Lake Erie,
instead of staying outside of the city on the recreational trail,
I decided to go inland and see the 7-Eleven after one at night, and it's true.
The first customer I saw parked by the gas pumps, and a woman in a short skirt came out,
the rest of her clothes looking country and western. She was very good-looking.
As she walked to the store and saw me, she went back to open her front door,
and bent over to look inside, and I'm thinking she doesn't have any underwear on.
She was looking straight at me as she was walking into the store,
and as she came out, so I went over to talk with her.
She said she was from Welland and was working a bar at a party and was going home.
Don't forget, I'm an old man with white hair in bike-hike clothes,
probably having a little pine or spruce tar in my hair, pushing my bike through swamps and forests.
And I was sitting outside on the curb, and I wasn't singing "After Midnight".
It seemed to be a continuous parade of semi-costumed, sexualized people, sitting for over an hour.

okay... okay... when Billy Idol sang about his angel getting up off the floor,
to go to 7-Eleven for a pack of cigarettes, I got off on that.
That's in "Rebel Yell". You can imagine what I did when I sang that in a band...
no no... not Double Big Gulps, just a single Super Big Gulp.
I never did dance by myself.

If I was a descendant of any of the big corporate families around the world,
the weight of manufacturing that pollutes our planet would weigh too heavy on me.
But despite the intervention of Scottish clans to prevent the worst excesses of European colonization,
and the inventions that have been given to the world,
Clan Watt never manufactured, seeing a life that's free in front of me.
That's living "scot-free", now just a poorly defined word in the Canadian dictionary.


John Watt

I let 7-Eleven off too easy.
When I said "munchies", yes, all the Doritos and chips and pop and dips are there,
but every store has their own kitchen, making cookies, donuts, baked goods, treats like that,
also cooking various chicken products, varieties of pizza, burritos, hot dogs and other hot rolls,
with a buffet style table for condiments, everything from mustard to salsa.
There are eight different flavours for coffee you can squirt into yours until your heart's content,
after you get a cup of the kind of coffee you like.
I like putting some hazelnut juice on the big cherry flavoured baked good, a big lump.
That's a treat for me on bike-hikes, only at the 7-Eleven on McLeod in Niagara Falls.
yes... McLeod, which means being of the clouds. You'll never hear of a McSkye.

Here, in the Niagara Peninsula, a two liter bottle of pop sells for 87 cents at supermarkets.
Pop bottle manufacturers use chemicals in that plastic so it can't be recycled,
saying it's made so it deteriorates in garbage dumps over the years so it takes up less space.
I'll let you think about that.
Machines that make two liter plastic pop bottles are now up to 500,000 an hour.
They spin so fast you really can't see it.
And that seems to be how our world is turning.
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John Watt

This might be one of the worst harbingers of more bad times to come.
The River Elbe, flowing through Decin in the Czech Republic, has a very low water level.
People are now saying this long drought and water level has become historic. Why?
What is called "a hunger stone" has been exposed on the riverbed by the low water.
It says"Wenn du much siehst, damn weine", and that translates into "if you see me weep".

Slovaks are an ancient people, known survivors through the great wars in our times,
and you could say Czechoslovakia made it through the cold war,
after the Russian tanks that rolled through their streets made international news.
I'd pay attention to this warning from their past.

Here in the Niagara Peninsula, said to be most affected by global warming,
having the always warming moderating influence of the two Great Lakes, Erie and Ontario,
there was another rainstorm that was described as having tornado like effects.
That was last night.

Today, still able to edit, I saw a new Toronto Star.
Nine new trolley cars were caught in deep rain water, being abandoned.
Photos show water almost up to the bottom of the windshield.
Now they're saying four of the trolleys will be kept for parts.
That was three weeks ago.

Another serial killer in the States was a gaming convention participant,
who got knocked out of the competition early and came back with a gun.
If I remember, so far four people are dead with ten injured.
Florida officials say they don't know if he was angry because he lost,
or whether it was premeditated. I'll let you think about that.
One victim said he thought it was something the gamers were doing,
and kept playing until a bullet grazed his cheek.
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John Watt

Big Lake Erie news for local water watchers.
After this last big rainstorm, the waves from Sherkston to Crystal beach were over six feet.
Friends said it looked like the ocean.
Maybe some gun-running, prohibition alcohol running, or American homeland security boat inspecting,
loot, booty or escaped duty, has washed ashore.

John Watt

I know shame, even if I don't think I've ever felt any of my own.
Reading this article made me ashamed to have lived in Toronto.
As the Toronto Star article said, with a nice photo of the... uh... head...
for the first time in North America, meaning the United States and Canada,
there is going to be a sex shop where you have sex with imitation women.
The more expensive ones are described as being "more responsive".
I don't want to know.
I was surprised this wasn't in Quebec. They've had legal sex clubs for a long time.

Big news across Canada is the big sink-hole in Nova Scotia.
It looks like muddy water with muddy sides maybe teen feet tall.
As it expands in this downtown city park, picnic tables have gone down,
and a forty foot spruce disappeared, everyone wondering what's underneath.
Maybe the rocks around there are having a sympathy strike for the "hunger stone".

John Watt

I was only seeing this TV news from a distance, seeing Columbia and American city names.
One reporter said 35 homes, another said 70.
Over a wide area, these various homes exploded from gas leaks from city infrastructure.
The live news report I saw showed fire-fighters at night with houses ablaze.
As a natural gas system, I'm having a hard time understanding that.
The only thing I can think of, other than domestic terrorism, huge in America,
is that the gas was shut off at the source, where domestic pilot lights could go out,
and then the service was restored, and without pilot lights, filled houses.
A house with a flame, such as a candle, or someone entering smoking, set them off.

The new hurricane has also touched down on land, known for dumping huge amounts of water.
News seems to be happy it was down-graded from a category five to three,
but it's a very wide hurricane, covering a lot of area.
I heard something for the first time, overhearing security guards at a Superior Court in St. Catharines.
One guard was saying that if someone was in a shelter as the hurricane passed over,
and came up as the eye passed over, could you walk inside the eye as the hurricane moved,
and survive as the hurricane disappeared. That sounds like something I would try.
I can see that, using communications to inform someone in a shelter,
with other shelters in the area known to you, so you could retreat if you wanted to.

It seems Toronto residents have risen up against the sex shop of the previous posting,
and it won't be allowed to open. The sink-hole in Nova Scotia is still going strong,
sucking everything down around it, at no charge.

John Watt

This is a new feature of this thread, international news from the past. Can you believe historic records?

I'm sure we all know, if I remember his first name, Francisco Pizzaro, a Spanish Conquistador.
He was given part of South America to conquer, going for the native gold and territories.
While he stopped with his troops in a conquered city, he sent troops with native guides to look for another one.
As they stopped to camp for the night they noticed big red berries and asked the natives if they could eat them.
The natives said yes, and by morning all the soldiers were dead. These were the source of tomatoes.

The Book of Mormon describes how a Jewish tribe, called the worst by other tribes, murderers and thieves,
came across the Pacific Ocean in arks that floated beneath the surface with breathing tubes.
They drifted with currents and came ashore in Central America, eventually building three warring cities.
Jesus of Nazareth is described as descending from the sky to visit each city, showing them crucifixion wounds.
Local maps still use the names described in the Book of Mormon, and native art shows these men of other colour and beards.
Letters from Conquistadors to their kings and queens of Europe also describe native history,
saying a man with white skin, long hair and a beard with white robes travelled amongst them.
They called Him the great educator, the great healer, and made big, round gold discs with His image on them,
rays going from His head to the sides of the circle.
Aztecs followed Him throughout South America, building a temple wherever He performed a miracle.

When the Pope heard about Pizzaro and was brought these plants with big red berries,
he ordered them to be horticultured to be edible.
With the kind of mentality the Dark Ages and Holy Roman Empire dominance can allow,
he decided to demean the loss of soldiers, as a defeat, and the local native history.
He invented the pizza, using the rays as the template for slices, using tomato sauce.

Oriental woks will warn you to not cook tomatoes as you risk damaging the surface,
they are still that acidic.
If you worship the god of America, promoted as the god of Israel,
you are really only hearing about Vatican mythology for the progression of that country.
When Joseph Smith Jr. first published the Book of Mormon, there were his followers.
He, and several of his family members, were killed in a jail by locals who were angry at them.
What we see as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is something different.
Brigham Young wanted to start his own empire,
and it was 1,400 Danish people who believed in the book who came to America to be community.
As Utah, Mormons fought a military war with the government of the United States,
who wanted to make them a State and prevent poligamy from spreading any further.
Now we can say pedophiles.
Brigham Young, a Mormon who studied the geography of the Book of Mormon,
was the explorer who found Machu Piccu in our modern times.

You can wonder, you certainly can, about the years the Holy Bible doesn't describe,
where Jesus of Nazareth travelled as a savoir of mankind. That's a Vatican deceit.
The new assistant to our current Pope has now been known to say,
that St. Peter never visited Rome and those aren't his bones in the grave.
He also said this myth is so engraved in the minds of man, it will continue to be seen as true.
If you actually read the Holy Bible, you know Paul of Tarsus, a Roman tax collector,
was chosen to be a believer for Roman territory, where as a citizen he had free right of passage.
But don't forget, he never met Jesus of Nazareth or any of his disciples.

How do you like your pizza?
As a single man, I like to buy a couple of slices that are already cooked,
and have some onions, hot peppers, black olives and anchovies added,
as much as possible, with some cheese on top to hold it all down.
I say pull it out when the cheese starts to melt so it's not too hot.
Others have seen me eating like this, especially when I working there painting signs,
and a couple of pizzerias said they couldn't let me eat like that any more,
because other people started asking for it and it's not on the menu.
If I'm paying, it usually costs twice as much as the original slices,
and it's the cheese that costs more over here than any other ingredient.

This has been pizza past and present, some hot off the fingertips typing just for you.
And people who eat so much pizza they are getting tired of it,
sooner or later, start ordering a burnt pizza, just because they never had it before.
Yes, that's a mental disorder holdover from the Dark Ages.

John Watt

Just when the media shock for the Toronto grade-school stabbing, two children with a knife,
New York ups the ante.
Three children, if I remember, two months old, one maybe three months old, were stabbed.
A knife and meat cleaver were found at the scene.
The day care worker was stabbed eight times, and a visiting father was stabbed.
Police say there are no fatalities.

Local Mohawk describe society after the invasion of palefaces as being "upside down".
That's a perfect way to describe the new American technology and society.
John Deere, hailed as a victory by lobbyists, has cut off John Deere owners from repairs.
Changing software and hardware are repairs every farmer with John Deere equipment goes through,
but now, the company no longer has to provide that service.
When Henry Ford first began manufacturing as a tractor builder,
he tried to get the American government to let him give all his tractors away for free,
with him as the only manufacturer, saying he'd make more money on repairs as a monopoly.
When he was turned down, he decided to also make cars.
Henry Ford, despite American history, was not the first assembly line manufacturer.
Swiss watch makers hold that paleface distinction.

Another President Trump employee is now saying he recorded tapes of their conversations,
so he could use them for an inquiry as to whether President Trump is fit to hold office.
Is this surprising? Not to me.
The first thing I thought when I heard Donald Trump was running for president,
was saying he wasn't an elected politician, his first election being for president.
He was calling himself a politician, but as an unelected and never ran man, he lied.
After seeing him talk on TV a few times, I had a new line.
He's the only American president to make me laugh out loud, just not lately.

There aren't any extradition laws for Americans who commit foreign financial crimes.
You can commit any kind of financial theft or fraud anywhere in the world,
and if you can make it back to American soil, a very loosely defined global concept,
you can't be arrested.
Niagara Falls Parks Police passed a new law for that years ago.
If an American, or anyone trying to cross the border after a financial crime,
is caught, you are put in jail and kept there until you pay the fine, do the time,
or get released by a Canadian judge.
Niagara Falls Parks Police are a historic police force, before Niagara Falls Police.
Niagara Parks owns the fifty-seven feet of land that runs along the Niagara River,
all the way from Fort Erie, across from Buffalo, at Lake Erie,
through Niagara Falls and Queenston Heights, going to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Lake Ontario.
They also rent the water that Americans use for hydro generation.
That's why it looks so nice along that river, with all the tourist attractions and gardens.
If you're interested in seeing old Niagara Falls and old Chippawa, the city above the Falls,
you should watch "Niagara" starring Marilyn Monroe.
If you're a Marilyn fan, when you visit the Falls, you can stand, or lay, where she did.
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Sometimes this global world brings you an unexpected surprise, a good one, as today did.
I was visiting with Larry, my half Inuit, half Irish friend from northern Newfoundland,
at his buy and sell shop, hanging out when he's open Saturday and Sunday.
A young couple with who I assumed was their grandfather, came in and looked around.
When I heard them talking I wondered about their accent, and talked with the grandfather.
I'm six feet and he was a few inches taller than me.

He said they were from Denmark and were here to visit family.
When I talked about Frederik Magle and said I was a musician,
he wanted to talk about Elvis Presley, so we did.
I played with Douglas Roy, the only Elvis imitator to sing onstage with Elvis,
Selvis, the highest paid Toronto show-band featuring an Elvis imitator,
and spent some time in a recording studio with Elvis Junior, Elvis' only legitimate son.
This man was thrilled to hear stories about all of that.
I asked him to tell me something about Denmark, so he described his house.
He said the summer home for the Queen was beside his property,
thinking it's spelled schlassen, and he is hired as a gardener sometimes.
He said she sits behind him in church sometimes and doesn't need security.

I asked him if he used computers and he said yes,
so he pulled out a piece of paper to write down the address and my name,
asking him to send Frederik Magle a message that he met me here in Canada.

Because security is such a big job making service over here in North America,
I can think of only one reason the Queen of Denmark attends church without any.
When Frederik Magle wrote a symphony for the King and Queen, and performed it in front of them,
he must have charged too much. Maybe that's why he hasn't been titled yet.
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Sometimes there is such a thing as new news, and I've been hearing and reading it.
A series of hurricanes has devastated areas around the capital of Canada, Ottawa.
Television and radio reports are asking for donations from across Canada to help the victims.
All kinds of air and road vehicles are moving in, trying to restore services as fast as possible.
Homeless people are being put up in hotels and motels at government expense.

That's nothing like the six days it took for the first inspector to reach hurricane victims in... in...

New insurance statistics say that over 250 people die each year while taking selfies.
Falling back into waterfalls is the leading cause of death.
The country of India has the highest deaths, and in the last week two have died in the U.S.A.
No-one is calling it selfie suicide, and no-one was insured for it.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer should do an update for "Take a Pebble".
Come, take a selfie, and fall into the sea,
we'll have our memory, something you'll always be.
put it on flash-drive... and upload it tonight,
and as you're falling, we'll relive the same fright...
over and over again my friends, for the show that never ends...
synthesizer solo

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I would think the big global news this week has been coming from France, England, and other European countries.
They are saying they need to start a new unified military to push back the United States.
President Donald Trump lost control of the House of Representatives in the recent election,
but that's just about the Democrats and Republicans, that great duality, not divide,
where, as they say in America, "corruption works for us".
President Trump was using the "caravan" of Guatemalans as his fear-mongering issue in this election.
That's over 5,000 people fleeing their country, now walking through Mexico, hoping to enter the United States.
Obviously, American controlled news sources in their country as worse than in America.
American citizen militias, heavily armed, are now moving as volunteers to the American border,
saying border guards will need their help to deter non-citizens from crossing their border.
Some news show border land-owners posing with guns, saying they won't let these volunteers on their land.
When Texans, both sides heavily armed, are interviewed, laughing and saying "we're Texans" is seen as saying it all.

This is a free quote from a freely published online news source about California wildfires.

At 6:30 Thursday morning, a wildfire of astounding proportions and speed broke out in Northern California.
Dubbed the Camp Fire, it covered 11 miles in its first 11 hours of life. A mile an hour might not seem fast in human terms,
but it’s an extreme rate of speed as far as fires are concerned. At one point it was burning 80 acres a minute.

When it hit the town of Paradise, home to 27,000 people, those buildings became yet more fuel to power the blaze.
The town's mayor says that 80 to 90 percent of homes have been destroyed—nearly 6,500 structures in addition to 260 commercial buildings.
For perspective, the previously most destructive wildfire in California history, Tubbs Fire, that raged through the city of Santa Rosa last year,
destroyed 5,500 total structures.

The death toll so far stands at 23. The fire is just 20 percent contained, with an estimated full containment date of Nov. 30.

“We're seeing urban conflagrations, and that's the real phase change in recent years,” says Stephen Pyne,
a wildfire expert at Arizona State University. It used to be that fires destroyed exurbs or scattered enclaves.
“But what's remarkable is the way they're plowing over cities, which we thought was something that had been banished a century ago.”

The Camp Fire horror show, which burned 70,000 acres in 24 hours, and has now reached 100,000 acres, is a confluence of factors.
The first is wind—lots of it, blasting in from the east. “We have a weather event, in this case a downslope windstorm,
where, as opposed to the normal westerly winds, we get easterly winds that are cascading off the crest of the Sierra Nevada,”
says Neil Lareau, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Nevada, Reno.

A windstorm barreling from the east just set the stage for this week's burning disaster.
It’s a normal phenomenon that comes from the jet stream, which this time of year grows stronger.
North and south “meanders” in the jet stream, known as troughs and ridges, get amplified.
These cold air masses travel through the Great Basin in Nevada and spill over the Sierra Nevada Mountains in eastern California.
Big meanders set up very-high-pressure areas that accelerate winds.

“Then they get local accelerations on top of that as they flow down the mountain ranges, kind of like water over a dam,” Lareau says.
Some areas in California are particularly prone to downsloping winds. “Unfortunately, right where the Camp Fire is is one of those places.”

“I always like to say nothing good comes from an east wind in California,” Lareau adds.

I would like to remind readers that every modern wildfire in California that has been successfully investigated,
has shown it to be an act of arson by a fellow American.
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