Chief assistant to the assistant chief
Ever had one of those days? Bread maker was put on overnight to finish 10am so after breakfast I switched it off thinking it was the toaster but it had 2 hrs to go, no bread but a very upset Mrs.
PC playing up so did a restore which fixes it 90% of the time I got called away and when I returned a couple of hours later just a black screen took 2 hours to fix.
Never mind it is a music group night and I have every thing ready, a bottle of red for the host, fire going and wood inside for wife, all my jobs done and up to date, get showered and ready to go decided to check email before shutting the PC down nothing urgent, now I don’t know why but I checked the music night date and wouldn’t you know it I have the wrong Thursday it is next week 25[SUP]th[/SUP]. :shake:


Don't wanna worry ya, but it gets worse as you get older (or maybe it just seems like it!)

One of the corollaries of either Sods or Murphy's law, "If anything can go wrong, it will"


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aka ... "Senior Moment" ... I seem to have those these days. Or as Homer Simpson says ... "D'OH!" :crazy:


The good thing is that as it gets worse you can start hiding your own Easter Eggs.