old spanish organ


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Luis -- dice que su residencia esta en Colombia, pero el organo es espanol. Fue importado?

Cien anos? En 2010 el "monstruo" de San Sulpicio en Paris cumple unos 148, y hay otros aun mas ancianos en Alemania, entre otros paises.

For those of you innocent of Spanish, I'm asking him if the organ was imported (to Colombia, since he says it is Spanish), and commenting that the St. Sulpice organ will be 148 in 2010, and there are others far older in Germany, etc.

I admire anyone who tries to fathom the niceties of the English language.

Luis Enrique

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Yea, the organ has a nice story:missionaries imported the organ; it came to colombia port in Barranquilla; then it traveled almost 1000 kilometers by the magdalena river, the most amayzing feat is that it was brougth here, at the heart of andes mountains by "arrieros", over his cows and horses, with pipès more tha 5 meters long, and tottaling 1266 pipes, console, etc.