Online created a new, nude duality in me, Nudo-Nucatheschisms. I need help.

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Being in the choir as a child, onstage as a musician as an adult, on TV as a candidate,
never got into my head, about myself and my body.
But online, especially last night, that changed. I felt self-conscious in a new,
and you might say dark, or half-dark, or low-level lighting kind of way.
Some might say candlabrodcasto, or lampinetta, lighting.
It's different when you are forced to paint lying on your back.
You're going to see that. Showing you is the only way to move forward.
I know computers are hypnotizing and addictive technology, spy technology, only coded work.
But I am feeling a new self-consciousness, a new duality between offline and online.

How wrong can I be about life and the music and art that defines it?

Sistine Chapel1.jpgSistine2.jpgSistine3.jpgSistine4.jpgSistine5.jpgSistine7.jpg

This is going to be blunt, and, it's a good thing I'm just blunt.

Scan1: When the sun is being made, there certainly is a moon.
Scan2: What's with the only suggestive finger, bent way backwards, a lefty.
Scan3: I didn't know the snake in the garden of Eden was a female.
Is it just me, or is this a very sexual rendering?
Scan4: It's a cliche to joke about Scotsman and sheep. Whats this?
Is that an ecstatic ram's head sticking up out of the cows horns?
Scan5: I see a face. Does anyone else?
Scan6: If the artist is keeping it small for the main focus, and it's pointing,
is the figure below, a female, showing us how big it really is?

Seeing these nude men makes me wonder how I would fit in, body wise.

I have nine photos I want to use, moving below.
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The personal view, of the new nudo narsickasiams.

It's one thing to be typing along without singing a song,
and it's another to be seeing body shapes, body activity,
that makes me wonder how I would look if I was there.
If you want to call that an interest in nudity, sure, it's all bare.
Just taking these photos of me put my head through, yeah,
and using them here, online, and in comparison to Michelangelo,
has created this new self-consciousness in me.
Offline was offline, online was online, before. Now there's a sent and a send,
I'm new to.

This scene of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus of Nazareth, is just all wrong,
according to the Holy Bible, and all Roman history.
Considering the mastery of great artistry, what's with the hand of the topless man,
who looks like he's orating while the baptism occurs?
The text of the historic company, saying there were Popes in their ancestry,
that produced this beautiful publishing, says there is penile artwork,
and I can only guess. I am a mess. I need to lose at least ten pounds.

Sistine6.jpgin the dark.JPGback.JPG

It's doing it to me already.
I thought I was recreating this post here while the water got boiling,
but I lost it, losing a sense of timing, seeing the water boiling down too low,
having to top it up again, and start again, and that's just so not me.
And that's all about wasting electricity.
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Honim & Offim, a visit to the shield of dreams

Just like any of my inventions, I know, I know, and that's I know in stereo,
it's difficult for people to imagine something they've never seen, or heard before.
So I am here to amplify my theme, hoping other members can share their esteem.

This has Danish origins for me, modern and ancient.
At the public library, I saw a new movie being displayed.
It was the story of the first sex change operation in the world,
Christina Jorgensen, if I'm spelling his/her name right, being Danish.
I remember the news, open heart surgery also becoming possible, with new technology.
When I had a chance to buy a book, The Bog People, for $1, it was about reselling.
But the more I read, and the more I read into it, the more fascinating it became.
Danish gods, what could be represented by a suggestive branch stuck in the ground,
could feature a carved V to be female, or a jutting piece of branch to be male.
This might seem like only primitive imagination, but these gods were different.
They could be either male or female, changing, or be both.
Considering that some of the preserved corpses are thousands of years old,
with sophisticated artifacts being found, these are very serious traditions.
What can they be saying to us during our times?
And should I try doing my hair like this?

Being the now foolish man I am, I immediately thought of that disco era line,
about the cliche about men who drive Porches, and right away,
I thought oh yeah, so that's what drove those Vikings to prove how big and tough,
they wanted you to think they are.
Local Ojiway let them have their way, over 300 years ago,
as they went past to build a boat to sail down the Mississippi River.
Maybe the name Miss-is-sippy came from them. Does sippy mean something in Danish?

I'm sure this shield, totally covered in deeply embossed metal workings,
would reflect the sun from all directions all the time and look lit up along the parade.
The sad face up above and the happy face down below reflect an extreme duality.
But if you saw this being shoved at you, saying get down on your knees, what would you do?
That's double for northern natives, not Dark Ages victims, who have much nicer asses.
And if this is the shield, what must the sword be like?
This must be the reason kilted Scottish people invented horse-shoes, to get away faster.

shield1.jpgbog people7.jpg
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Two different "gods" found with Bog People in Denmark

Good evening!
I'm not going to use the names associated with these Bog People "gods".
That could prove somewhat embarrassing for members living in their ancestral land,
if they want it to be. I see dignity as a self-imposed quality.

The first face is the head of the second photo, obviously a male.
The third photo, another "god", could be male or female.
I think it was a woman who won the last "The Porn Star State Talent Contest",
getting five stars, but in California, with tell and do tell, only your surgeon knows.
She might have used a Danish gods' female name to add an exotic appeal,
and the fact she used an oil reference is probably what greased her way to first place.
La Brea'freya, the hottie oil girl, with more than tar coming out of her pits.

Madonna could be seen in the first row, still dripping hot wax all over.
The big buzz was TINKICKER is backstage, but they didn't show up, or down,
or get stuck in the ground.
Audience members who expected to feel peatered out, remained loyal,
even if they left feeling only sod-less.
This, what was musical frustration, quickly became sexual, uni-sexual,
as sales of artificial arena turf soared, cut into blanket size pieces.

Will they never learn of the green-green grass of home?
In Scotland, such growth is considered proper horticulture after three hundred years.
I'm going to go for some fizz, Vernor's, the world's first carbonated drink,
aged three years in oak casks, and delivered to Welland from the factory in London, Ontario.
It used to be aged for seven years. Burpsy-werpsy, or in Russian, blatsky-blatsky.

bog people1.jpgbog people2.jpgbog people3.jpg

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The wonder of it all. What strength there is, what new world I see, through this new duality.
Hey! This is Canada, today, seeing some snow, what could be blow at high dough, popular lyrics,
or doing some powder, and that's a line, not some downhill.
But that's not what I was thinking. No, I was still engrossed, or grossed out, yeah, however,
wondering about Ingmar or Ingrid Bergman, or Ingrid or Ingrid Bergman, looking over this cold horizon.

Finally, I felt some local pull and wondered about Heidi yodel-o-dee-oh, or heidi-heidi-heidi-ho.
And then my new sense of duality dueled, with the visual fuel of my Canadian existence,
and it seemed like I was looking at an entirely new polar polarity, a bi-polar world.
Here are some scans that show you just what Watt I'm talking about.

Number one is a scene from one of the first Hollywood movies about Canada.
It features the Mexican actress Lupe Velez. I'm not surprised she can't take the cold.
Number two isn't a photograph, a composite put together in 1857 by a Scotsman in Montreal.
Number three is a rendering of a Quebec Winter Carnival ice castle, only with British flags.
Number four shows what can be snow-balled or snow-jobbed during the carnival today.
Number five is truly sad, when you can't get intuit with Inuit.
The next thing you know even the poets are going to get restless.
Number six shows how these animals aren't nuzzling your hand for a petting zoo treat,
now just turning to shake their shiny butts at us to say take a shot at this.
Maybe they're auditioning for the new, embossed shield of Canada.
They certainly have evolved for that kind of attention.

Now I'm not even sure that every snowflake is different.
It's really hard to tell.


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This is so invigorating for me, seeing my semi-nudo self here in photos,
I just hafta add, I'm over 65 years old, and I wasn't holding my breath,
just, uh, almost letting it all hang out.
This has to be as close as I can get to shaking, uh, a hand-held.

EDIT: I'm back after looking through this myself.
When it says William Notman used the appropriate facial expressions,
that means more than it says.
When he first started using "composites" to create his semi-photographic artwork,
he created a scene of over three hundred people walking on the winter ice.
Each face was unique to individuals living there. He did that to help make sales.
You can see each face is a portrait in this rendering.
With that in mind, the Sistine baptismal scene shown above has many individual faces.
I'm sure there was a clamour to have your face used by Vatican artists,
who had to be paid, and there isn't a single person with black hair and a beard.
You can see who could afford to be up there, I think. Miracles do happen.

These are photos taken December 25, 2015, at Niagara Falls, Canada,
what can only be described as the other half of the world Mediterraneans knew nothing about.

There can be no greater example of duality than Noah and the Ark.
He didn't first release a dove, or a dove with an olive branch, or the two doves show here.
He let one black bird go first, just one, no mention of a mate, and it didn't come back.
There is a living word lesson here that most people never begin to understand.

The Adam Beck power station, that only diverted water above the Falls before it went over,
is closed. It was built before Nicola Tesla weaponized direct current with alternating current.
You can feel the duality there, if you stick your finger in a socket.
Yes, it's lit up, not lighting up.

This very moving, yes, for me, cloud passing over the moon, is from a series taken the same night.
I thought Adam Beck lighting up like some psychedelic Egyptian temple did it to me.
Nope. Seeing and having the presence of mind to get the camera out is, uh, my high-light.
Now I'm wondering if a dichotomy is like a duality.


December 25, 2015. Criminals made sure my birthday was celebrated, only by me.
I was poisoned before May 1st, no bike-hikes or travelling, and for the first time,
in my life, I didn't have any cherries, peaches or strawberries, all the spring-time good food.
However, here I am, bike-hiking to Niagara Falls, on roads all alone.
When I got to Lake Erie, I took my jacket, shirt, shoes and socks off,
and walked along the shore, spending all day after the sun came up.
Christmas Day. No snow. No ice. No wind. Warm air, water and sand.
How can I re-gift that to myself?
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Chief assistant to the assistant chief
:crazy: <> Hello John and Maglers you are now about to waste a few minutes of your life you’ll never get back. Today I’m going to tell you some stuff, like it or not. Inside of my mind, I have a platypus named Gioff. I got him at Petsmart on sale. :crazy:
One night while I was sleeping, Gioff climbed into my head and started randomly singing STYX songs. Once I was done screaming like a little girl who just got the **** scared out of her because somebody jumped out from behind a bush with a monkey, I tried to stick my hand inside of my head and retrieve the damn platypus. I didn’t fully succeed. So, with half a platypus hanging out of my ear, I went back to Petsmart and complained. I told them that I’m never buying an animal from them again because they crawl inside of me. They were shocked, and I clarified that it went through my ear, and then they were relieved. They told me that there wasn’t anything they could do about it. I threw myself on the floor, making a scene, and demanded a free hamster. That night I was eating my dinner and all of a sudden Gioff, still hanging out of my ear, started to cry. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he doesn’t like it in here anymore. I told him to shut up and that it was his fault, he didn’t like that. I attempted to get a shower the same night, but it’s a little hard whenever you have a platypus hanging out of your ear. I did what I could and headed off to bed. But, just then, I remembered I left my free hamster in the car and by this time it probably already ate the cheese puffs I had hidden under my seat. I dashed down the stairs, Gioff screaming from the sudden movement, and bolted through the garage to the car. I than opened the door cautiously incase of a sneak attack from the vermin.
To my surprise, my cheese puffys were still there, and the hamster was asleep on the back seat. I went to pick up the hamster carefully, but it freaked out and bit my finger. I tried to yank my hand away from it, but it latched itself on pretty well. Running up the stairs, Gioff now screaming even louder, I remembered I had forgotten my cheese puffs in the car. Running BACK down the stairs, Gioff in hysterics from the stress, I safely got them cheese puffs. With the hamster still biting and Gioff still flipping out inside of my head, I managed to work my way up the stairs. Once upstairs, I gave my hand a good whack to the wall, and off came the sadist hamster. Now ain't that somthinggggggg :cry:

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Wow! That's really somethinggggg, it really is. I'm still going to type about my ongoing duality, but...
You have pulled somethingggg, not just the rug out, or off.
I watched Zoolander 11 last night, a library take-out, getting off on the all hidden music, art and actor celebrities and references.
After the orgy in one room broke up and everyone was walking out, you could see a little hippopatamus walking with them.
The movie kept going, and just as I was thinking I wish Willy Nelson was in it somehow, now in an Italian fashion house,
suddenly, you see him, face and chest with a cowboy hat, no make-up, no disguise, really the only natural looking person,
and he just says "Where's the hippo. I'm not done with her yet". And that's all. You don't see him again.

Being invited by the owner's son, who sent me a personal email, I went to the MacFrugal's Annual Gala.
There were speeches, games, lots of prizes, $1,000, $500, lotsa $100s, big flat screens, ya, lotsa stuff.
I had tickets, but sat where I could watch all that, and staff at the wine bar, all free, setting up food.
No-one would let me start eating right away, but one guy said I could munch on a big bowl of cheesies.
I like cheesies, just not enough to buy them for myself. Some cheesy trivia.
Using crushed cheesies to add colour and shine to food photography is an ordinary technique, over here.
Police answered a call to see a dead mouse that was left behind my front door.
Criminals don't like my new computer content, and it's not even an election year. yeah, not a rat, a mouse.

What makes you totally readable, JHC, is your font flow, long sentences properly punctuated, kinda.
If you just whipped that off as typed, it is remarkable, even print friendly.
At MacFrugal's, and this is the strange connection I was thinking about before I read your story,
I met a Scottish musician who is 70, still performing in Hamilton, and he toured Denmark a long time ago.
He also has a 1964 Stratocaster, what I started out with, and he wants me to visit, and so do I.

I just realized something. Seeing you type like this, when you never have before, not this long for sure,
does represent a new duality, not a release from common sense by inebriating yourself,
because you have to be more than just sharp as a tack to be putting it out like that.
Thank you JHC, for letting my blather and bluster with the blarney on top, get to inspire you.
I hope that's true.
And so unlike me, I'm going to leave it at that and start a new reply for my original desire.

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Yes, I'm doing something I've never done before, using photos on top.
I'm also using a MacKenzie tartan, not what I've always used, the yellow, red and black.

The collection of books are what I bought this afternoon at St. Vincent dePaul.
That's a charity donation store where different churches have different days.
I'm thinking JHC when I see the Monty Python songbook. It comes with a warning.
Some of the words you see have been used before.
This is a very easy resale, and I've been singing the Lumberjack song all along,
so I'm okay.
That's a very old photo book about a Toronto that existed before.
Not just antique, historic.
Pierre Berton's "Winter", all photos and narrations. $50 new. Big and heavy.
The two lazer etched 3D see into it books, oh yeah, the new stuff.

The swing era book, Time Life with co-operation from Capital Records,
oh yeah, the most iconic photos of those entertainers and musicians.
You should see a young Buddy Rich and his orchestra in costumes for a movie,
a couple of times.
There is a little nudity, showing showgirls backstage who got hurt,
doing all those human waterfalls, hundreds tap dancing down stairs,
showing a doctor doing some repairs.

All these books are as new, unmarked, not describing them all, and only inexpensive.
This is the store where I got the 1870 Mendellsohn Beethoven sonatas in two books.
You can say this is, as usual, book finding and book buying activity.
I'm always having a fun time with these little old church ladies,
and if it's a dollar I pay two, or pay extra on top. The upside-down world we live in.

The second photo shows the new duality in me coming out.
Just like we, as a family, were so colour when everyone else was black and white,
I just don't have any interest in languages I can't read or understand.
Buying these two foreign language books has to be the new duality coming out in me.
The "Wein und Umgebung" book is fabulous, simply fabulous.
Every page has photos, some the entire page, with descriptions.
Beautiful architecture, music and art, as new with a removable plastic cover.
Where is this place?
All I can say is, Rubens, Velazquez, Brueghel, van Eyck, Durer, Rembrant and der Altere,
really, really liked it there. There's even a big map that's still there.

After emailing a list to The Write Shop in St. Catharines,
it turns out the foreign books are rare and the most valuable.
My activism, okay, I call it agitating, is working.
A major cross-Canada online corporation, that hosts the agency that investigates people,
to see if they can be a dot ca for Canada, has cut online finances with Ontario.
I've been proving to tech that Ontario has online owned, and now secured by Americans.
I can prove how Bell linked me to non-Bell employees in the disUnited States,
to illegally interfere with a municipal election in Welland, Ontario, Canada.
Oh yeah! That incredible book about Calgary, a prairie capital, with silver pages,
the international edition, ooo, that was big big, made by Petrigo, born in Yugoslavia.

I was on a pop run, thinking I had to take a look, and I could have bought more books,
so I came back with only one two liter bottle and I'll be going back to take another look.

thank you, thank you very much, JHC. I feel you have validated me.
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