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I am Martin and I noticed, that there is already an article here, talking about online jazz radios. Because of a project, I also had to write two articles about the best online streaming jazz radios and also about the ways of learning how to learn to play jazz music instruments online and for free. These articles are solely for informative purposes and I made quite a lot of research on these matters. That is also one reason, why I am spreading it - in this way, my research hasn't been useless and if it helps people, then it only makes me glad. You will not only find links, but also see my personal comments on these radio channels and online jazz music schools.

I hope that these articles will help you to discover and experience jazz music even more =)

Link to the article about 14 best online jazz radios:

Link to where from you can find lessons to learn jazz music for free and online:

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Aloha MartinB,

Good to see ya aboard this merry ship - Please feel totally at home and browse at your pleasure the myriad of offerings on this site,


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Hello again,
I will certainly start browsing this forum, because I have sung for over 14 years and played guitar for 5 years. I mostly take part in different pop-jazz projects. But first, I would like to add a bried comment to my previous post. Meaning, that the project, in which I am taking part of is continuing and I have done some additional research on, where can people download jazz music MP3-s for free. I found some bigger sites, which offer this possibility and also found many homepages of different jazz artists, who offer to download their music from their websites. If you happen to know any other artists, who offer the same possibility, then I would appreciate a lot if you would be so kind to share that information with me. You can post it here or register in and post a reply there.
Link to the new article:

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a great list, but can you tell me where from I could get instrumental versions of jazz songs with lyrics, like karaoke (videos)