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organists and progressive lenses


New member
Hello All,

I have not been on a forum in many years. But sometimes I just have to ask. This is porbably a bit "out there" compared to most topics, but yet is practical in nature and somewhere we have all been or will be sooner or later. Back 2008 I posted about organists and eyeglasses. I had just started wearing bifocals with lines. I was too apprehensive about the then new progressive lenses. I asked how organists who wore lined multifocal glasses adapted at the console. I learned that many organists were doing what I was and using a special pair of single vision lenses solely for the organ. Now, thirteen years later, I am wearing lined trifocals. Aging does things, doesn't it? I get along fine with the trifocals and continue to change to single vision at the organ. My optometrist recently asked me if I wanted to try progressive lenses which could be refunded if not to my liking. She tells me that advancements have been made that have eliminated a good bit of the peripheral distortion and that the intermediate and reading areas are now wider than in the past, a sticking point for many skeptical of this sort of lens. She also told me that the lined trifocals that I get along with so well are being made less and less and may eventually become discontinued meaning that I would either have to sacrifice the intermediate and go back to regular lined bifocals or resort to some form of progressives anyway. So, I am considering at least trying them even though I fear not having enough room to read. My question to anyone who wishes to respond is whether any of you wear progressive lenses and how you manage with them for day-to-day tasks and also if anyone actually uses them to play the organ. Any response from anyone willing to describe their experiences, frustration, or solutions would be most appreciated. All the best.