Paris Music Festival 2018

8th International choir and orchestra festival in Paris (France)

22.08. - 26.08.2018

PARIS - city of love, dreams and senses
Nobody can think of Paris without various associations and a multitude of pictures crossing their mind: the river Seine, the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Napoleon, the Arc de Triumphe, the Champs-Elysees. No other city exalts the imagination like this metropolis, which is also particularly popular for its musical events. As of late these also include the Paris Music Festival.

John Watt

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What about when some Vikings almost conquered Paris?
Guillotines, where they were invented,
Napoleon, losing a war because his army was sickened by lead poisoning,
thinking that eating out of tin cans kept them mobile even in the winter,
yes, oui, I can think of many Parisian associations from all kinds of media, and books,
toutes les fonts, beaucoup des cinemas,
mais, quand le soleil dis bonjour aux montagnes, et le ciel est noir,
oh! et les impressionistes avec les paintures des oils,
after this long lifetime I really can't think of Paris with any musical associations.

Is that where Gene Kelly was dancing in the rain?
Did Fred Astaire dance on the roofs?
What about Freedom Fries? No longer called French Fries, did that catch on over there?

I'm sorry. I've been watching too much American television, all of my life.
Paris has been bombed and beaten so many times, and the Eiffel Tower has fallen in so many ways,
it would take an alien invasion of weaponized symphony instruments to be Paris in the springtime for me.
No, wait... I've seen that already. Those were really bad vibes.

Does Hermoine Gingold and Arthur Treacher, on the Merv Griffin show,
singing "Is that all there is to love", represent a Paris romantic moment?
Do criminals in cars racing around traffic circles to American music soundtracks,
or Hercule Poirot getting spinny on his own, are all that have become downtown Paris?
Or is that Tom Hanks peeking out from behind some angelic cul-de-sac?
No, he's definitely an American in Paris.

no... the clinking of wine glasses is the only sound coming through here for me.
wait... wait... now I'm hearing Radar from M.A.S.H. being taught how to say.... "ah... Bach",
so he can sound sexy on a date...
and I'm hearing the drone of many kinds of bomber formations as they fly over to bomb somewhere else...
yes... even Charles DeGaulle is coming through, when he made his Quebec libre speech in Montreal,
before the Canadian government asked him to leave...

It's true. You're going to have to describe this Paris Music Festival for me.
I can't imagine one, unless it features enforced bilingualism, and I know it's not. Non. Ne rien.
C'est toutes.

John Watt

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JHC! I usually don't look around You Tube to listen to music,
but my landlord says my free online is unlimited and he doesn't care if I stream.
I watched three Django Reinhardt videos, one a six minute documentary about his life.
That was last night.

You have to admit, these are some of the most famous recordings in history.
I can see him playing with South American musicians more than Americans.
For me, the big question is, if he were still alive would he get into funk?
Would he try playing a left-handed Stratocaster upside-down?
What would happen if he got a synthesizer that made his guitar sound like a cathedral organ?
What would have happened if Ravi Shankar showed up and started jamming along?
Would he have let You Tube star Jess Greenburg play his guitar, if she asked?
And if he heard Eric Clapton was saying he gave him his first guitar, what would he do?
If I was yelling "play Ghost Riders in the Sky", what would happen?

I have to admit, you have given me a musical connection to Paris.
I think of Django Reinhardt as being more of a gypsy guitarist,
growing up in a caravan.
I know, I know, I'm a victim of enforced English-French bilingualism,
and don't want to think that way.


Chief assistant to the assistant chief
John, First time I have been able to access MIMF for 6 days, what is the world coming to ?

John Watt

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JHC! I know what your world is coming to, in New Zealand.
First of all, lots of floods.
They found an ancient site they say goes back 300,000 years.
What is called the greatest "haka" ever was done by a French soccer team.
Your female Prime Minister appeared as a hologram for a political convention.
Those glow worms in the caves are being photographed as never before,
and people are swimming with orca more than ever.

You're having access problems here that I'm not.
Months ago, this site was down for two days, and a week later it didn't show for a day.

My world is really changing.
I've been looking for a left-handed tremolo unit like the 1972 Fender Stratocaster I ordered in 1972.
I used that to build my second semi-solid-body, so I need an identical one.
After a year in the Niagara Peninsula, I got online with Ontario music stores, nothing.
A music store friend in Toronto found a 1970 Stratocaster tremolo unit for sale,
in a California music store, asking $5,500. I paid $150 plus taxes in 1972.

Please, look at this link to see how I'm getting a left-handed tremolo unit.
An employee is looking to see if he can just order the tremolo for me,
but that doesn't matter.
If this tremolo fits into my semi-solid-body, I'll use it for that.
I'll also buy another kit to build a lefty guitar I can carry around outside.
The rightk-handed Stratocaster style guitar I bought and changed to be left-handed,
is all right, but I can't play a G or A barre chord past the twelfth fret.
And I always use the tremolo arm, when I don't when it's right-handed.
It gets in the way more than it helps.

I could get a lefty Telecaster, Les Paul or 335 at these prices.
They have a nice f-hole acoustic-electric, but not left-handed.
I just phoned in my order this afternoon.

I really don't feel competitive with Django Reinhardt.
From what I know, he never got up and started dancing around,
or sang.
Walking around with this cherry Strat and portable Boss amp is changing my life.
My biggest compliment is people saying they never met anyone who plays the way I do.
That's mostly about playing fast, like a violin or sax, not just rock and blues.
I'm also singing songs and making up words to suit the moment, really getting into that.
Yes, this world is changing if I'm getting into some blatant self-promotion.
My first day, offered a gig in a duo, asked to rehearse with a band,
and asked to be a strolling troubadour as a Sunday gig at a big business,
across from City Hall, downtown people wanting to make a political statement.

I better go. I need to calm down.
It's one thing to type, it's another to be using my fingers for playing guitar,
and getting them too excited all the time.

these digits are made for digitizing, and that's just what they'll do,
and one of these nights these digits are going to digitize all over you.
guitar solo
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