Passover At the Opera


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Sundown on Friday, April 6 begins the Jewish festival of Passover or Pesach. The festival runs 7 or 8 days and opens on the first evening with a ritual accompanied by a special meal. In remembrance of this event which celebrates freedom from Slavery and the hope of a brighter future. The Christian Feast of Maundy Thursday finds it roots in the Jewish Passover. Enjoy the Passover scene from Halevy's opera La Juive. As I could not decide which recording I liked better I am offering two. The first is the last recording made by the American Tenor Richard Tucker joined by Martina Arroyo and the Ambrosian Singers.

The second is by Tucker's rival and Brother-In-Law Jan Peerce.

Incidentally La Juive was the opera in which Enrico Caruso made his last appearance on stage.

To our forum members of the Jewish Faith a Blessed Festival and to those of the Christian Faith a Joyous Easter.

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Khristos Voskrese, Voistino Voskres - Christ Is Risen, Indeed He Is Risen. Next weekend is Russian Easter.


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Thanks for posting.Very appropiate for the day. I convey the same wishes to all my friends here too.