"Phantom Of The Opera" Cover(s)


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As someone who loves both metal and Phantom Of The Opera, I recently stumbled across this cover by a German band called Dream Ocean and a band member of the Swedish band Sabaton:

Do you know any other good covers of the song with a sort of "metal approach"?

John Watt

i like this version, of course with a more heavy metal feel..
The way the mask was featured at the end, sitting there by itself, was nice,
but half-way through this performance I was starting to get a little phantom myself.
I was thinking that I would go over and take it off his face and wipe my guitar strings with it,
maybe making the rowing sounds for the boat that glides through the candles with no rower.
And then I'd weave it loosely between the strings of the bass guitar to create higher harmonics like a cello.
That's when Tim Curry from the Rocky Horror Picture Show would run onstage as a special guest,
and sing the part of the kidnapped blonde. Just as the boat, that would be very... transporting.