tak Nalia/Rie. A Most Interesting Link you have put there...Ja...It does give us all "Food for Thought" about the future of our Planet (Earth)...I am sure others will like its presentation,especially the "full screen flash" and the number of photographs to look at.mmmmmmmmmm we must think about the preservation of Earth,we are only here a short time,and should be thinking of how we treat this Earth and leave it for our children and their children etc.
Our planet is "Very Fragile". Cheers Pamadu/Paul.

P.S. A link we can come back to many many times.


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I was in London last May doing some research (part of my dissertation) at Kew (Royal Botanic Gardens), and I also paid a visit to the British Museum of Natural History. The "Earth from Above" photos were all on display outside the museum, and were indeed quite striking, beautiful, and thought-provoking. Seeing the photos online is nice, but seeing all 100+ of them on display as very large prints (probably 1 x 1.5M or so), is really quite a memorable experience. I bought the book while I was there as well. I understand that they were still on display there as of early this year, so if you're interested, and can make the trip, I'm sure you'd enjoy them. I don't know whether they're still there though.