Pianist Paz Del Castillo Has A Distinctive Style And A New “Best Of” Album


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Paz del Castillo is a female composer and pianist in Spain with an uncanny ability to both write wonderful piano melodies and also perform them with a touch and sensitivity that is delightful. Let’s face it. There is a lot of solo piano music in the world and it is often difficult to differentiate between one pianist and another. The real key is “style” and it is pretty darn hard for a piano player to develop a distinctive style all their own. Del Castillo’s style is fairly distinctive, although, of course, it sounds somewhat like some other players. But the main difference is probably expressed as feeling. Whether it is the feeling she is putting into her compositions and playing, or whether it simply translates into a good and special feeling to the listener, there is something there that transcends so many other pianists. The music is beautiful and moving, and what more could a listener really ask for anyway?

Her newest album is called Tres: Best of Paz del Castillo and ten of the tunes are what she apparently considers to be the best of her three studio albums (she has a not-widely-distributed live album too), even though two of the pieces are from her debut album, Moods for Piano, which never got much marketing and was seldom heard outside of Spain. All of this material is excellent, as you would expect. But like many “greatest” compilations, this album ends with three new tracks, and these are quite good as well, and show that as a composer, especially, del Castillo just keeps getting better and better. This album is highly recommended for lovers of piano music.