Piano piece All Good Things from my CD

Andrew Roussak

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Dear community,

I would like to introduce you a piano piece from my actual CD. The CD is in general prog rock, but this piano piece is rather a romantic one, so that it must fit to this forum. I added also a few orchestral and choral samples and church bells to this recording, therefore it sounds a little bit like New Age, but the piano part is essential anyway.

The piece is called

All Good Things (please click on the name )

Important notice: when you click on the name of the piece, you will be automatically redirected to a certain page of my personal web site. All you have to do there is to click on All Good Things one more time and then listen to the music. This is not because I want to promote my site in this way - I just have no more space for upload here.

To the higher officers: I hope I did not violate herewith any regulations. If yes please don't shoot me:( .

I will appreciate any feedback.
Many thanks in advance,
Good Luck


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Enjoyed this composition alot ... splendid how the piece unfolds after the key change and how subtly you bring us back to the original key. The orchestral addons really add to the overal depth of this piece and give support to the piano in a nice way.

Do have any plans on composing more of this type of music for piano?

We appreciate your sharing your talents and music with the MIMF community ... you are a gifted composer ... looking forward to hearing more of your works. BTW, I enjoyed your other two posted works as well - especially Wartime Chronicles ... Keep up the great work. :clap:


Andrew Roussak

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Hi Krummhorn,

many thanks for a prompt reply!!

For sure I will go on with this kind of music in future - I do now, actually. But, the most important thing for me now is to promote NO TRESPASSING , and to create therefore a basis for smth. that I'm planning for the coming years. Still got no label, have no great idea how to find it for a studio project. But, I guess CD reviews can help here anyway -

many thanks for it,
good luck



So your post in the 'good things' thread led me here (obviously). :grin:

I also enjoyed this work. I`ve got no criticisms. Well-constructed, nicely shaped phrase-wise, rich harmonies and interesting chord progressions. Had almost a gospel feel to it at times. Well done, Andrew. :up:

(I wonder how this piece would sound played by real instruments.. )

Andrew Roussak

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Hi Rojo -

many thanks for that. It sounds in a live concert actually the same - piano and the string quartett at least. Church bells are hardly imaginable in a live situation however - therefore they are replaced with the samples, as well as the sampled choirs . There were no any other sounds used in this recording.

Thanks and best regards

Andrew Roussak

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Thank you, Art Rock & SQRT -
have not extected to get feedback to this old thread... Great to know you liked the music!

Cheers Andrew