Powerful goth doom bands


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After so many years (around 13, I think) of sticking to old, good symphonic/goth metal bands, I came to conclusion there's only few bands that are REALLY worth of listening. I complained about it in my 2013 post (and much earlier too), I'm complaining now, in the end of 2019. But now I decided to move on (after finding out I won't find anything else I'd like to listen to, because 99% of symphonic metal bands sound the same and really childish to me). I still love symphonic music, so I looked around and laid my eyes on doom metal. Doom metal itself isn't my genre, so I found subgenre, gothic doom. I played few playlists on Youtube and well, while 1/10 songs is really good (there's delicacy of symphonic elements and there's growl and other sounds from hell), most of these sound just like mediocre gothic metal.
I randomly found Virgin Black and it's like, holy ****, it's so ******* awesome! It's very symphonic and dark and this is what I needed. Also, Draconian, Estatic Fear, early Lacrimas Profundere and very early Anathema and The sins of thy beloved are very good.
Well, I hate random Google and Lastfm toplists (especially Lastfm after it was stripped of band similarity option) so I'm asking you. Based on what I already liked, can you give me other bands I'd like to listen to? I usually hate female fronted bands, as most of them sound the same, just like mediocre so called symphonic metal, but if there's something with powerful, female voices, I want it. But still I prefer male fronted bands.