Pretty Piano Melodies, Some With More Instruments, Featured on Alejandro Santoyo CD


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Alejandro Santoyo writes very pretty melodies and plays them with heartfelt feeling on his new instrumental album, Dreams For A Better Tomorrow. The recording, which has 18 compositions, is approximately divided between solo piano pieces and ensemble numbers. In both styles, Santoyo demonstrates he is a first-rate composer (as well as an excellent arranger and producer). His piano performances are strongly melodic, well-played and, as mentioned, full of feeling. To fill out the sound on those ensemble songs, Santoyo brings in a string section here or a horn section there. He might add some bass and drums once in awhile, or the sounds of a harp or guitar. Regardless of what he chooses, it all works together to form a tight-knit sound that is extremely pleasing to listen to. His piano style is not modernesque or avant-garde, but strictly traditional and beautiful, and it seems to be rooted in Mozart and Chopin. This makes for very pleasant music to listen to. While some is slow and soft, and other pieces a bit more energetic, all of it would be perfect to put on in your car during commuter traffic to avoid road rage, or when you get home to unwind from a long day, or on a Sunday afternoon with a cool and frothy drink in your hand, or late at night when the love light shines. This album is highly recommended for lovers of piano-based music, new age music or contemporary-classical-sounding material. Use a search engine online to find this music, or go to the artist’s website (www.alejandrosantoyo dot com) to get additional information.