Problem entering text after a link


When I post a link (e.g. Youtube, IMSLP etc,) if I try and enter text
on subsequent lines it still has the colour and underline as though
it is another link.

I have noticed similar on another forum. The alternative ways round it are
to write all my text first then either insert links where appropriate or
if I'm feeling lazy then just put all the links at the end.

It's annoying, especially if one wants to add a comment or title to
each link.


Staff member
Hmmm, I wasn't able to replicate this, Mike. I did, however, enable "BB Code" for use in this forum area.

If there is a specific forum area where BB code isn't working, let me know and I can quickly fix that issue.

The following is a test only:

I entered text first (like now) then inserted a link:

Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The link above was because of just seeing the live action musical, Phantom.

Google link: Google


I just had a play around, if I click on "Unlink" after entering a link then text on subsequent lines appears correctly.