“Problems Up Here,” from Batman v Superman, on Classical Guitar

Manolito Mystiq

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“Problems Up Here,” written by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL
From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This is the Lex Luthor Theme of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, written by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. You can hear the theme in “The Red Capes Are Coming” and “Problems Up Here.”

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Manolito Mystiq

John Watt

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Okay, I'm watching and listening, still wondering how this could be musically viable,
and so far, I'm still convinced this is a mistake.
It must be, if he gave up so easy after such easy playing.
Now there is no mystique for Manolitottemina.
He should post himself as the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, looking like him,
and being very convincing as advocating the legalization of marijuana.
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John Watt

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Manolito Mystiq! The video stopped after just a minute, looking like you finished.
That's why I said it looked like you gave up so easy.

The son of one of Canada's former prime ministers, Pierre Trudeau,
is now our new prime minister,
the youngest one ever, and you do resemble him, even your hair.
He was saying he wanted to legalize marijuana,
saying anything to get elected, just like his father.

Legally, the fact that he said he wanted to legalize marijuana,
means he gets to legally smoke it with RCMP security guarding him.
His father said no Canadian should be arrested for possession of two marijuana cigarettes,
doing the same thing. And no, marijuana wasn't and isn't legalized.

You are a far better guitar player, compared to these Liberals and separatists.
But you might have a hard time cutting it,
in former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's family rock band.

John Watt

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I'm seeing some soundtrack problems over here, also with Jesse Eisenberg, and Kristen Stewart.
Their new movie "American Ultra" is not only a visual flash, it's down with the music too.
What is used as convenience store music is very entertaining, even if it's just background.
The score and sounds for the action and pyrotechnics, is really hot, just like the visuals.

The problem down here is the number of musicians and composers in the credits,
having problems picking one song or some music by one writer.
I really liked it when all the blasting and shooting and blowing up stops,
with only the sound of an old record player playing some ukelele and lap steel guitar.
They must have liked it too, repeating it in the credits.