Proofreading of academic paper..... anyone able to help me?

Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
Dear all,

I am currently on the verge of completing an academic paper on 4th semester at the university. The paper is written in (american) English and I would like a native English speaker, preferably with an academic degree, to conduct a proofreading of it! If any of you guys are able to help me, or if you know anyone who can, please send me a message :)

The paper should be ready for proofreading around May 26.
The theme is "masculinity in the gangster genre" and it is around 27 pages. Both my supervisor and I have made some minor proofreadings so there should'nt be too much to correct :)
What I need is bascially a thorough assessment of grammar and vocabulary.

Thank you very much in advance!



Admiral of Fugues
Speaking as a professional editor, what you are asking is not for the feint of heart. Granted, most people here are fluent English speakers as it is our first/native tongue. The knowledge of editing is not a skill you are necessarily born with, it's one you study. Unless, of course you want a second rate attempt. A professional editor will concentrate on clarity, consistency, and accurace to ensure that the piece is the best that can be produced. A good editor will also look at legal consequences that may arise, copyright, slander, and so on. If you are serious about getting your thesis into shape, I can recommend a company that will provide you technical editing (at a price). Let me know.

Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
Hi CT,

Basically, as mentioned in my initial post, I am not looking for an editor, but rather a proofreader :) I only need a grammatical revision of my paper - nothing more!
I still hope that someone will be able to help me - thank you!