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Frederik Magle

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Though I wouldn't call myself a "fan" (or "fannie"
), I have definately great respect for a lot of the important Proto Prog Bands (and albums) out there.

(The definition of Proto Prog being »Rock Bands in existence prior to 1969 that influenced the development of progressive rock.« from the progarchives)

Many great and influential albums there from bands such as moody blues and deep purple.

Proto prog arse

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Pleas don't include Deep Purple,there early material before 'IN ROCK' may seem prog but it isnt.

I'd like to claim proto prog lead the way upto say '71/'72 where as bands such as ELP,Genesis,Yes etc started getting a bit too big for their boots which did'nt last long before they started falling to pieces.I try not to listern to that commercialised prog junk anyway.

Can i just say that even though bands such as Uriah Heep,Black Sabbath,Warhorse etc emerged through the then up & coming progressive labels they were not in anyway prog.

Proto prog arse...