Purple - it's all about the music


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So I'm new here at Magle (Hellloooo everyone :D). I'd love to get any feedback on my music but mostly I just want to spread the word and have people listen.

I have a "music project" called "Purple" - it is instrumental and sort of "Progressive Rock" in that there are occasional interesting time signatures/tonalities, and definitely in that it is long tracks and concept albums, but also more accessible than much of prog because it has tunes too. It's all my own work. I have two albums released and another on the way in (probably) November. It's all free to stream and download but to save me putting lots of individual links it's probably easiest to go through my website: www.purplemusic.org. Everything's on the front page there.

Like I say, it's long tracks, you might want to try the streaming first before time-consuming downloads.