Remembering The Enid


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Hi all

I'm new here, but thought I'd share a band that I was very keen on many years back.

When on hoilday this year I managed to pick up a copy of an album called "The Stand", a fan club only issue LP by The Enid for a real snip. For the uninitiated, they are a band who do symphonic arrangements of their own material, and also some classical arrangements of things like Elgar's "Nimrod". Well they used to, I'm not so sure what they do now.

I have some great memories, maybe I'll write more another time... do any readers remember them, like or loathe them? I'd be interested in knowing!:eek:



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Crikey - The Enid. It's been a very long time since I heard anybody even mention The Enid. They were nuts, weren't they?

I've just checked their website and it says they were:

"In fact they are probably the most enigmatic and intellectually challenging of any band to have emerged in the UK."

It also says: "The Enid were formed in 1974 by keyboard player Robert John Godfrey."
and "Godfrey left the band in 1971"

Now THAT is enigmatic.


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Hey, another huge fan of THE ENID here!! :cool:

Their mix of Progressive Rock with proeminent classical elements is unique and brilliant. :up:

I have their complete discography and although I do enjoy them all, I would say that some of my top favorites are these:

- Aerie Faerie Nonsense
- Touch Me
- Six Pieces
- Something Wicked this Way Comes
- In the Region of the Summer Stars
- The Seed and The Sower


Andrew Roussak

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Hi Demetrio,

I hang my head in shame as I must admit I never heard this name before. Thanks for digging out this thread!!

Do you have any links to the web of them? Or maybe you could describe briefly their music?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi, Andrew, first of all thanks for the very kind welcome!! :up: :tiphat:

My English is quite poor to describe well the wonderful music of The Enid, so please check their homepage out, at this link:

Nice descriptions and samples available for download there. :cool:

Best regards,