Rona Hartner on the stage of International Romani Art Festival

TURN Cultural Association has the honor to announce the participation of the actress and musician Rona Hartner at the first edition of International Romani Art Festival, which will be taking place in Timisoara during the period 31st of August -6th of September 2007.
After being discovered by director Tony Gatlif, during an audition in Romania for his film Gadjo Dilo, a part which brought her awards like Le Leopard de Bronze at Locarno, Best European Acress at Bruxelles, an award given by Variety magazine and a nomination at Cesar awards, this balcanic princess has played in many movies like: Je suis ne d'un cigogne, Cours toujours, Sauve moi, Mischka, Le Divorce, Le Temps du Loup, and in many theater plays by Shakespeare, Brecht sau Dostoievski.
Rona Hartner is a complete artist, being also envolved into music and painting (live painting at Elysee Biarritz). On the music side, Rona was part of groups of alternative rock in the 90’s. She recorded her first album in 1999, Seule à Paris.In 2004, she has released an electro-gypsy album with Dj Click. The album is progressing like a film merging acoustic atmosphere and rearranged traditional tracks. All the energy and strength of this album is also given through live performances: exciting songs and dances on the deep strings of Romanian and Moldavian musicians (violin, accordion, guitar).
Accompanied by professional musicians, Rona Hartner slides easily from roma music to rock,jazz, fusion or techno, sharing with the public her devastating energy, talent and good spirits. She had an important role in discovering and promotion of roma music, and she had, in collaboration with Serioja Orchestra Tzigane BIO concerts ,and with Laurent Thilier, Fred Huriez, Didier Forget Tzigane Jazz Rock concerts.

International Romani Art Festival

International Romani Art Festival
It is, through its nature, an unique event: a festival dedicated to the roma people in the whole world. International Romani Art Festival is the only festival in the world which speaks to people who represent all kinds of art, roma people and other, but which promotes roma culture.
It will try to offer a new perspective over a delicate and very actual subject. It’s time that the integration of roma people in the society and giving up our prejudices to become reality, because these are vital things in our development, personal and also as a society. International Romani Art Festival means free acces to open-air concerts, photography and film contests with thousands of euro prizes, coppersmiths’ and silverers’ fairs, horses parades with acrobatic demonstrations, movie nights, indoor and outdoor photography exhibitions, happenings and performances, book, dvd and album releases, projections inspired from the life of the roma people from Romania, literary mornings, dance and photo workshops, roma language courses, informing events, dance shows, modern theatre, literature contests, debates over roma architecture, roma history and other.

IRAF will take place under the High Patronage of the Romanian Cultural Institute and of the National Council for Fighting Discrimination.

There is free access to all activities in the festival.

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