Rules and information regarding attachment and linking of files.

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All members can attach files of up to 20 MB (per attachment) to each of their posts.

The following file-types (extensions) are allowed:
• text formats: .txt .rtf .doc
• picture formats: .jpg .gif .png
• audio/midi formats: .mid .mp3 .m4a .aif .wav
• video formats: .mov .avi .mpg .mp4 .m4v .wmv
• compressed/archived formats: .zip
• other formats: .pdf .swf

• No porn/offensive/illegal material.
• Post a detailed description of the kind of file you're uploading and it's content, so people know what they are downloading.
• If uploading a media file (for instance an MP3 file or a movieclip), you must post information clearly stating the title and composer/artist (for music) or producer/director (for movieclips).
• If you are not the copyright-holder yourself, you must include verification that the copyright is cleared (this goes for any material that is copyrighted, not only music).
• It is not allowed to hyperlink directly to the attachment from another site, you must instead link to the thread (or post) containing the attachment.
• If you're linking a file (picture or otherwise) from another website and if the above rules have been met, you also must include the origin of the link and any and all credit due.

We (the administrator & regulator team) cannot guarantee permanent hosting for any files on this server, but we will usually only remove files and/or links if they break the rules, if the poster is flooding* or if the server runs out of space, and in that case we will try to remove only irrelevant** and/or obsolete files. If you have uploaded some of your own music or artwork, chances are very high it will stay permanently (such files will not be considered obsolete or irrelevant). Just ask if in doubt.

( * = "flooding" means posting several - more or less irrelevant - large files (or a lot of small ones) within a short period of time.
** = irrelevant in this case means not relevant to the main topics (music, movies and other visual arts etc.) of this forum.)

How to attach files:
When you make a new post/reply, click on a button called "Go Advanced", then scroll down to another button called "Manage Attachments". Clicking on it will open a window allowing you to upload a file from your computer or from a link. To upload from your computer simply click "browse" - go to the file, select it and click "Open". Then click "Upload" and wait. When the upload is complete you will see the file added to the attachments window. You may now close the window or continue to upload another file (you can upload up to 6 files per post). When you submit your post the files will be included.

How many attachments can I upload (How much storage do I have)?
You can upload as many attachments as you like as long as their combined size doesn't exceed your storage limit. Your storage limit (measured in megabytes) is based on your post-count, meaning that the more you post on the forums, the more you can upload. You can see how your storage will increase in relations to your post-count here.
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