Russian Gypsy Trio


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I came across these lives tracks on line last week after seeing Koshka perform live in Glasgow - they were exciting, funny and really got the crowd going....

Koshka are a unique ensemble who combine traditional gypsy tunes with elements of jazz and flemenco. The band have impressed audiences at the Celtic Connections Festival for the past two years with their energy, expertise and flair.

Oleg Ponomarev, one-time member of Lyko and acclaimed Gypsy violinist and guitarist, founded Koshka in Glasgow in 2001. Joining him were, Lev Atlas, eminent Klezmer performer and Principal Viola of the Scottish Opera Orchestra, and ex-Hue and Cry jazz guitarist, Nigel Clark

I have never heard any negative reviews on this act -
for anyone interested in cross-over fusion/world music, you have to take a listen here -

"Romance" is an achingly beautiful track - such emotive music, I found this link and just had to share it with everyone, i hope you enjoy it

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sparky said:
Hi SGQ thanks for the link I liked what I heard will watch out for them

hey that's great i'm glad you enjoyed Koshka

They will hopefully have a DVD available soon because you really don't fully appreciate the music until you see/hear it live! Truly amazing...

Will keep you posted