Samples from yet another piano suite

Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
Hi all,

I have just recently finished the recordings of my newest piano suite "Manden På Gaden" ("Man on the street"). This time I decided also to do the recording of the music myself. I think that I did quite well but it is up to you guys to decide ;)

I have attached the Prologue and one of the sonatas from the suite in this thread and I will truly appreciate any comments. Thank you very much for listening!

If you wish to download the entire suite (for free) please contact me either through the messaging system of this forum or through e-mail: [email protected] I will then supply you with a download link :)

FYI: Here is a link to my previous piano suite (released january 2007):

Thank you and have a nice summer! :p

Art Rock

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Sr. Regulator
This is wonderful music, especially the second one! I encourage everyone to listen to the two parts posted.


Hi Rune,

Very, very nice. :clap: I think these are even better than what I have heard from you previously. Of course, you knew you could count on me liking them. :grin: Enjoying the Debussy and Ravel influences in these; both are fine pieces. :up: Keep doing what you're doing, and have a great summer yourself; you've earned it :)


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Very nice, Rune ...

Always a treat to hear the composer play their work, and you do play very well :up: !!
What a neat way to start your summer with these pieces completed - have fun, relax, and enjoy the season.


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I love these new pieces.It's quite excellent,quite beautiful and quite good.And you just play very well.It makes me want to listen more!
I always like your work.So ... make more beautiful pieces.

Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
Thank you all very much for your comments, they mean more to me than you can imagine :)
I am very pleased that you enjoy the music!

Andrew Roussak

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Hi Rune -

I guess that guy ( Man On The Street ) had to be really smth. special to leave you impressed that much!;)

I have really enjoyed the both of your pieces. I can't tell which one I liked more - they are both great. Very impressionistic, but I wouldn't think of them as of, say, some unknown Debussy's works. There are many marks of your own style in this music ( the chord progression at app. 1:00 in Til en person... - right? ).

Then, as I could understand, you had actually recorded them yourself ? Well then - MANY COMPLIMENTS!! Why did you need a help before??? The technical elements are just perfect (two runs at 2:09 in Til en person..., nicely played repetitions throughout the whole piece and even rather unexpected block chords at 3:00 ). Cool, cool, cool!!!!

I've tried to learn a bit more about your works at your HP - but reading Danish was unexpectedly difficult... And I had to give up ... Okay, I liked the pictures at least.

Did you publish the pieces already? I guess many publishers would be happy to get the stuff like that -

good luck and best regards,